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For more than 100 years, Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada has been the leading organization dedicated solely to girls, offering fun and relevant programming to more than 7 million girls across Canada.

Today's Guiding is a safe, inclusive all-girl environment that invites girls to challenge themselves, find their voice, meet new frinds and make a difference in the world. Over 70,000 girls and young women are currently Members in Canada, with leadership provided by more than 18,000 dedicated Member-volunteers.

Awards and Recognition

Sometimes we take for granted just what our adult and youth members accomplish as Girl Guide volunteers. Our members are creating challenging, rewarding, and inspirational programs for girls of all ages. How do we show these women that their talents and dedication are valued and appreciated?

Fortunately, we have a special way to tell these women and girls just how much they mean to us! Consider presenting a Girl Guides of Canada award to one of your fellow volunteers. You can show that you noticed her amazing contributions with many types of awards, and whether she is a Unit Guider who goes that extra mile or an organizer of district/area activities.

Letters of Support

Support letters are vital to the approval of an award and are a treasured keepsake for the award recipient. Many tips are available from the Provincial Awards website for preparing these heart-felt messages. You can also download a Word template from this page.

Submitting Awards

Submit award nominations using the GGC online awards portal. You will upload the letters of support with the application.

Let us recognize our volunteers!

Submit a Nomination

Resources for Awards in Calgary Area

If you have questions about awards, contact

We are very excited to let you know that our new Calgary Area Awards have been approved and your awards committee is ready to start accepting applications! The two awards are the Otter B. Friendship Award and the Calgary Area Honourable Service Award.

  • Otter B. Friendship Award: The name was inspired by Lady Baden-Powell’s visit to Canada in 1935. She was given the name Otter Woman by Pat Grasshopper, Medicine Man from the Sarcee Reserve.
  • Honourable Service Award: The name was inspired by the Girl Guide song, “On My Honour.” When we looked at the definition of the word honour we learned that it means “to regard with great respect.” At one time the word honour was part of the Guide promise.

Provincial and National Awards Websites


Girl Guides Scholarships

Girl Guides of Canada scholarships are available to girl and adult members who are pursuing post-secondary education. Calgary Area members can apply for both Provincial and National scholarships.

External Awards

Consider going outside Girl Guides of Canada awards to recognize your fellow volunteers. There are many awards in our community that you can nominate our members for.

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