Alberta Council Scholarships

AB-Council-08 Alberta Council Scholarship Information and Application, December 2018  

Scholarships of $1000 each are funded by Alberta Council from:

  • interest earned on the Scholarship fund
  • donations
  • memorial donations
Who is eligible for this scholarship?
  • Any active member under the jurisdiction of Girl Guides of Canada, Alberta council who has not previously received
What is the purpose of this scholarship?
  • To support members of Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon with the cost of full time post-secondary education. 
Applications must be received at the Alberta Council Office by the second (2nd) Friday in May.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Joyce Foster Memorial Scholarship

In addition to the Alberta Council Scholarships, Alberta Council offers a legacy scholarship in memory of Joyce Foster. Joyce was a girl and adult member from Red Deer, Alberta.

Who is eligible for this scholarship? 
Any member of Girl Guides of Canada, Alberta Council not previously awarded this scholarship and attending an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution full-time for the fall term studying education or a field related to sustainability.

See the application form for criteria 
AB-Council-45 Joyce Foster Memorial Scholarship Application, December 2018

Application must be received by the Alberta Council Office no later than the second Friday in May.

National GGC Scholarships

For information on scholarships sponsored by the Girl Guides of Canada National Scholarship program, visit the GGC National website.

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