Forms for Alberta Guiders

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Alberta Council Assistance

Alberta Council provides a number of assistance initiatives for members, including transportation, new unit, membership and rental assistance.


This form needs to be used each time someone donates a uniform/insignia or other historic materials to the Alberta Council Archives.

Alberta Girl Guide House Booking

Advisers and Committees



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Forms Retention

GPS (Global Positioning System) Units for Geocaching

15 Garmin e-Trex Legend units and 24 Garmin e-Trex 20 GPS Receiver units are available, a legacy of the provincial event 007-A Chance to Bond, are owned by Alberta Council.

    • 15 'northern-based' units are kept at the Alberta Council office 
    • 24 'southern-based' units are kept in Calgary
    • A record of the serial numbers is maintained at the Alberta Council office

International - Flags

Use this form to book International Flags, Poles and Stands for Guiding Events.

Safe Guide Sample Forms

Scholarships Information and Applications

Training Forms

Website Submission Form

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