Forms for Alberta Guiders

Police Record Check (PRC) Renewals

Members' PRC Renewals: All Members in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon will receive a renewal e-mail from the Alberta Council office ( three months ahead of their PRC expiry date.  This email will include instructions, and, a link to the GGC Members' landing page to start their renewal process through Sterling Talent Solutions (formerly known as BackCheck). For Members without email addresses, renewal forms will be sent out through the mail. There is no charge to Guiders to use this renewal service. 

Non-Members PRC Renewals: Please note that Non-Member Volunteers of Girl Guides of Canada requiring a PRC can apply and pay for the service directly online, using Sterling Talent Solutions (formerly known as BackCheck). To take advantage of a reduced fee ($23.00 + GST), your membership office can provide you with an online link for this service. Simply call 1-800-565-8111 to be connected with the office nearest you.

Guiders can access the required forms (A.7) for Non-Member Volunteers through Member Zone (Admin/Forms/Adults), and can contact their membership (iMIS) home with any questions regarding PRCs for these individuals.

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Alberta Council Assistance

Alberta Council provides a number of assistance initiatives for members, including transportation, new unit, membership and rental assistance.


This form needs to be used each time someone donates a uniform/insignia or other historic materials to the Alberta Council Archives.

Alberta Girl Guide House Booking

Advisers and Committees


Forms Retention

GPS (Global Positioning System) Units for Geocaching

15 Garmin e-Trex Legend units and 24 Garmin e-Trex 20 GPS Receiver units are available, a legacy of the provincial event 007-A Chance to Bond, are owned by Alberta Council.

    • 15 'northern-based' units are kept at the Alberta Council office 
    • 24 'southern-based' units are kept in Calgary
    • A record of the serial numbers is maintained at the Alberta Council office

International - Flags

Use this form to book International Flags, Poles and Stands for Guiding Events.

Website Submission Form

AB-Council.36 Website Submission Form, October 2018

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