Membership Resources

BC Guider Resource Manual

BC Guider Resource Manual (PDF) August 2018

Transitioning Member (TMBR) Challenge

Here's What's Next Challenge Information (PDF)
Here's What's Next Challenge Completion Form (Word)

The objective of the new "Here's What's Next" challenge is to encourage transitioning members to develop leadership and life skills while staying active and feeling valued during their transitioning year. If you're a Transitioning Member, try out the challenge today!

Girl Membership Materials

BC Welcome booklet (S,B) b/w
BC Welcome booklet (S,B) clr

The booklet is in Adobe PDF format. To print:
1. Click BC Welcome Booklet
2. Select Print, print scaling and booklet format
Downloaded free Adobe Reader at the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC page

About the Welcome Booklet
Welcome Booklet Information
We are the Girl Guides factsheet (All)
Information – Recruitment Letters (pdf)
Sparks Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
Sparks Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)
Brownies Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
Brownies Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)
Guides Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
Guides Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)
Pathfinder Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
Pathfinder Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)

One by One by One Challenge
Welcome to My District Membership Challenge (PDF)
Here We Are Membership Challenge (PDF)
Join Us Cards (PDF)

Adult Membership Materials

PRC Exemptions Permanent – Guidelines for Adults Over 75
Adult Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
Adult Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)
General Recruitment Letter 2013 (Word)
General Recruitment Letter 2013 (pdf)
General Recruitment Letter B&W 2013 (Word) B&W
General Recruitment Letter B&W 2013 (pdf) B&W

Unit Materials

Becoming an Active Link Unit
Trefoil Brochure 

Supporting Membership

Membership Quick start guide (Word)
Gift of Guiding Fund application

Business Stationery

Leadership Recruitment Cards
Give to women you think would be a great addition to Guiding

Personalize – You Really Impress Me business cards 
Generic – You Really Impress Me business cards

Need: sheet of ten standard-size (2″ x 3.5″) business cards – double-sided
For more information on Guiding Greatness, talk to the Membership Adviser, District Commissioner or visit the Girl Guides of Canada Resources
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