The following are some activities that may be of interest for units and individual girls. Some of these activities can be integrated into the core program and completed within a unit meeting. Others can also be completed separate from typical unit meetings or by girls individually on their own.

Dove Free Being Me Activity
Developed through a partnership between the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Dove, the Free Being Me activities offer a fun and relevant way to inspire girls and young women to have the self-confidence to be the best they can be. Free Being Me will help girls re-think global definitions of beauty.

Experiences Canada
Is your unit interested in traveling to another part of Canada? Girl Guides of Canada has partnered with Experiences Canada (formerly SEVEC) to enable Girl Guide Units to participate in their exchange program. This homestay exchange program is ideal for Pathfinders and Rangers who would like to experience the country.

Girls for Safer Communities
Girls for Safer Communities (GFSC) is a program activity which aims to increase awareness about safety concerns of girls and women while mobilizing girls to become leaders in their communities. It is integrated into the core program at all branch levels. Girls complete a safety audit walk and then work with members of the community to make recommendations and create action plans that will improve safety. Pathfinders and Rangers also receive leadership and safety training that prepares them to lead their peers or younger Units in these safety audit walks.

Guides On The Air (GOTA)
GOTA is an opportunity for Members of Guiding - from Sparks to Guiders - to talk to other Members of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world via amateur radio. Outside Canada, GOTA is known as Thinking Day on the Air - TDOTA.

Sing it Loud! A Girl Guides Song Collection
Since the inception of Guiding, Girl Guides across Canada have united in song at campfires, unit meetings and other gatherings. To honour this tradition, GGC has compiled this song collection with lyrics from some of the most popular songs in Guiding.

Tree Planting
The TD FEF Tree Planting Grant Program offers girls and young women a hands-on way to raise their awareness of environmental issues while supporting them to transform green spaces in their communities. Through grants of up to $2,500 for girl-led tree planting and greening projects, this environmental initiative helps to bring girls and nature closer together as they make their communities greener and more liveable.

Girl Guides of Canada has a strong tradition of twinning with Member Organizations (MOs) of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) from around the globe. The Twinning 2020 initiative "Amigas del Mundo: Connect, Grow, Impact" will continue this tradition from 2014-2016.