The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

GGC has partnered with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup to provide our members with resources, backgrounders and activities to plan and execute their own shoreline cleanup! This program allows girls to make a difference in the world while learning about the importance of environmental stewardship and conservation. For Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers, this is a great opportunity to complete components of their respective service awards.

You do not need to live by the coast to take part in a shoreline cleanup! A shoreline is any place where land connects water, so anybody from anywhere in Canada can participate. You could host a cleanup at a local wetland, lake, river, pond, beach or even a local park where there is a drainage system. Any water going through the drain system will eventually lead back to our waterways.

Units can coordinate cleanups year-round. Crests will be provided courtesy of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and will be mailed, once your unit has submitted the necessary evaluation data sheets (see Site Coordinator Guide for more information). Crests will generally be mailed out in the summer and the fall.

Click on the links below for resources to help you participate: