Zoë’s Trek Around the World

Zoe's Trek

I hope you had fun trekking across Canada with me! If you have not had the opportunity to try the Cross Canada Challenge, you really should. It is great fun! Now I invite you to join me on my most exciting trek yet. We are going around the world.

I have been busy planning the itinerary for my trip. Take a look at a map and see where we are going. Also be sure to check out the Challenge Resources.

For each country that we visit you will be asked to choose one option from four categories: Active, Creative, Cultural and Guiding. Once you have completed these options, you may purchase your crest from the Girl Guide E-Store.

Are you ready? Lets get trekking!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Trekker,



Vancouver (Canada)

Beijing (China)

Welcome to the first stop on our world trek! I hope you are ready to experience the sites and sounds of Beijing, China!

Auckland (New Zealand)

Welcome to the second stop on our trek around the world - beautiful New Zealand!

Nairobi (Kenya)

Welcome to the third stop on our Trek around the world exciting Nairobi, Kenya!

Paris (France)

Welcome! I hope you are ready to experience the sites and sounds of Paris, France!

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Welcome to Brazil!

Port of Spain (Trinidad)

Welcome to Port of Spain, Trinidad!

Vancouver (Canada)

Special Thanks to Shirley Symington for her work on this challenge.

Ilustrations of Zoe by Geraldine Withey