World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day is an important day to reflect on one of the greatest challenges facing the world – hunger. According to the World Food Programme, chronic hunger affects more than 795 million people – that's 1 in 9 people – around the world. To raise awareness about the global issue of hunger, we've developed an instant meeting in support of World Hunger Day. Units will explore the causes of hunger, how it affects us on both a local and global scale, and ways that we can be a part of the solution to ending hunger.  This instant meeting may also be used in connection with the second year of GGC's National Service Project: Action on Poverty, which will focus specifically on hunger.

Date: May 28, 2017

Duration: Approximately 1 hour depending on activities selected.


You can award your girls with the Girls Making a Difference crest, available in the fun crest section of the online store.

Core Programming Connections

  • Sparks – The World Around Me Keeper, In My Community Keeper
  • Brownies – Key to Me: Respecting Others, Helping Others; Key to My Community: My Neighbourhood
  • Guides – You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community; Discover You: Understand How to Be Responsible; Beyond You: Discover Your Community
  • Pathfinders – Creating Your Future: Lending a Hand, Be a Model Citizen; A World to Discover: What's Up Around the World?
  • Rangers – Community Connections - #3, 22, 26, 31; Global Awareness - #15, 17, 21, 26

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