Guider laughing with girls

GGC empowers girls to be everything they want to be, and this couldn't be done without our amazing Unit Guiders. Every week, Unit Guiders deliver programming that helps equip girls with skills to navigate their world. That's why we're inviting girls in Guiding to help thank our wonderful Guiders by being part of a national video for National Volunteer Week (April 15-21)!

How can girls participate?

  • Record a video, no longer than 15 seconds, to complete the following sentence: My Guider is awesome/great/inspiring/fun because … (pick one of those phrases)
  • At the end of your video, say "thank you" in the most enthusiastic way you can!
  • Upload your video here
  • Title your video with your name and iMIS/membership number (e.g. Ada_James_1234). If you don't know your iMIS number, put your town in your file name (e.g. Ada_James_Victoria). If it's a group submission, title with your unit name (e.g.1stcalgarybrownies)
  • Upload your video by Monday, March 5 and make sure you signed an IR.1 image release form when you registered.  

Filming Tips

Try following these tips to make your thank-you video shine:

  • If you're filming on a smartphone or tablet, film in landscape mode instead of portrait mode (i.e. hold the device horizontally / sideways instead of vertically).
    phone tip
  • Film somewhere quiet, with minimal background noise and without any music playing.
  • Film somewhere with bright light, and where there's a plain background that's not cluttered.
  • Be close to the camera, so that your face takes up most of the screen. (Don't use the zoom on your phone – just move closer to the camera.)
  • Make sure your phone is in airplane mode so you don't hear the sounds of messages or social media notifications while filming.

Videos submitted by girls will be used to create a very special thank-you message to Guiders across the country that we'll share during National Volunteer Week. (While we'll make every effort to incorporate as many girls as possible in the final video, not all submissions can be included due to time limitations.)

Questions? Email Us