New Brunswick Camping Challenge

New Brunswick Camping Challenge

The Challenge - click here for the complete document

  • Girls are required to complete one level from 4 of the 6 areas for each branch they’re in.  
  • Levels are completed for the branch the girl belongs to and girls cannot work backwards to earn crest components from branches they weren’t a member of.
  • The crest is built up as the girls move from Branch to Branch, increasing their experience camping and their exploration of our 2 provinces.

Type of Camping

  • Day Camp (Sparks)
  • Residential/Sleepover (Brownies)
  • Tenting (Guides)
  • Tenting/Adventure/tripping (Pathfinders/Rangers)

Minimum # of consecutive nights           

1 (Sparks)

2 (Brownies)

3 (Guides) (Pathfinders) (Rangers)

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Sparks camp 1 season
  • Brownies camp 2 seasons
  • Guides camp 3 seasons
  • Pathfinders  and Rangers camp 4 seasons

Provincial Guiding Campsites

Girls visit an increasing number of Provincial Guide Campsites through their years.  This is a cumulative component (include camps visited in one branch toward challenge in the next branch). 

Sparks 1 camp, Brownies 2 camps, Guides 3 camps, Pathfinders 4 camps, Rangers 5 or more camps.

Area Campsites include:

Provincial Events

  • Sparks attend Sparks Can Camp
  • Brownies attend Camp Fun for Brownies
  • Guides attend Guide Camp Skills
  • Pathfinders attend Sizzle ‘N Splash and/or Night Quest
  • Rangers attend Sizzle ‘N Splash and/or Night Quest and/or Ranger Sleepover
  • OR attend any Provincially Sponsored Camp at your branch level.

Provincial/National Parks

Visit a Provincial or National Park for each branch (Sparks-1, Brownies-2, Guides-3, Pathfinders-4, Rangers 5).  
This is a cumulative component as well (visits made as a Spark count toward visits as a Brownie, etc.).

Notes about the Crest and how to order it:

There are seven parts to the NB Council Camping Challenge crest.  One for each level of Guiding and the base. The Bridge is the base that the other crests are attached to.  
Once the Challenge is finished, the Guider should send a note and a cheque to the Provincial Office asking for the number of crests required. 
The crest are $1 each. 
If this is the first time a girl is getting a part of the larger crest, she should get the bridge and her Guiding level crest.

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