Provincial Challenges

Challenges have been developed as a way to broaden a girl's appreciation for and knowledge of current topics of interest or concern, celebrations, the environment, different cultures, music and arts, and more.

Newfoundland and Labrador Challenges


 2018 Youth Service Project                                   Guiding Around the World                                                                                                                                                                          
​     Heritage Challenge               Geocaching Challenge            Beaumont Hamel


                                                      Membership Challenge



                                                      Fit For Life Challenge


Guiding Granny Challenge                                              Canada 150     
Guiding Granny Order Form

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Crest

Nevaeh's Acts of Kindness Challenge

    • Challenging Rangers to create their own Provincial Challenge - Click HERE for more information.
    • Water for the Life Challenge - This decade-long challenge came to a close in 2015 however there are still some crests available from Provincial Office. If you choose to complete this challenge you may wish to contact the office first to ensure enough crests are available for your Unit.

    Provincial Crests Order Form. Email your completed crest order form to:

    National Challenges:
    There are lots of challenges available on the National site. Most of them will cover program activities as well. Find them here (MemberZone log-in required)

    Provincial Challenges, other provinces: Other provinces have developed interesting and fun challenges. From the GGC home page , go to "Join Us" and then to "Provincial Contacts" to find the provincial web sites. Note that you will usually find ordering information for crests in the challenges section.

    WAGGGS Challenges: The WAGGGS site offers many resources and challenges to enhance your unit’s program.  Find them here

    Duke of Edinburgh's Award: Not a GGC challenge but our programs fit well into the Duke of E requirements; your Ranger unit may support this award in its activities. Visit the web page

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