Independent Trips

Important Message regarding travel to the United States
Girl Guides of Canada will not be approving any new travel to the United States until further notice. This includes both day trips and longer excursions, as well as any travel with transit through a United States border crossing (i.e. a connecting flight through an American airport). For more information, please read the Girl Guides of Canada notice. Email with any questions.

If you require any support related to planning a trip, please contact us at or by phone at 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2484.

Ontario Resources:
10 easy steps to plan an independent trip
Independent Trip Budget template
Ontario Council Code of Financial Accountability For Trip Units
Ontario Council Trip Incentive and Financial Assistance Program
Unit Banking - Independent Trips
Interprovincial Travel - Participant List
Independent Trip Itinerary Template
Final Trip Report for Independent Trips

National Resources:
Safe Guide Full Document
Safe Guide – International Travel 72 Hours or More Planning Guide
Safe Guide – Activity Guide – Travel: In Canada – 72 Hours or More (see page 77)
Safe Guide Forms
Fundraising Application (FR.1)
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