Award mailing FAQs

My award nomination has been approved; how will the recipient receive their award package?

At this time, all award packages will be sent directly to the recipients.

Why are awards being sent to the award recipient instead of the nominator?

To limit the need for exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Council has made the decision to mail all award packages to recipients until June 2022.

How will GGC, Ontario Council staff know the address of the award recipient?

Before mailing, staff will pull the recipient’s address from iMIS. If you know that this address is incorrect, please email with the correct address.

The award recipient’s address is wrong in iMIS, what should I do?

If you know that the award recipient’s address is incorrect, please email with the correct address.

Are we allowed to host an in-person award ceremony?

Yes. If all Return to In Person Guiding protocols set by Girl Guides of Canada are followed, award ceremonies can occur. Please see the COVID-19 Information page for the most up to date information.

If you are mailing the award package to the recipient, how will we present it at our award ceremony?

Once the recipient has received the award in the mail, please ask them to bring their award package to the ceremony so it can be presented.

Other Questions? Please email

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