Awards & Recognition Process

Selecting an Award:

When choosing an award for a nominee, consider the following:

  • Review all requirements of the award to avoid processing delays.
  • Confirm if the nominee has any award prerequisites through your Unit Administrator. Example: If you are nominating a member for the Beaver award, the nominee must have received the Medal of Merit award.
  • The person responsible for approving an award cannot also be the nominator
  • A member may only receive one award per year for similar activities. Example: If a member receives the Bronze Unit Guider award, she will not be considered for the Silver or Gold Unit Guider award until at least the following year.
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Submitting an Award:

When submitting an award, go to the Ontario Council’s online award nomination site at

Once on the site, you will need to create a user name and password (this system is not linked to Member Zone or iMIS).

Online award nomination site FAQs - Coming Soon!

Online award nomination site User Manual

Supporting Documentation:

  • Supporting letters are included in the presentation package. In order to ensure that they can be printed properly, letters must be provided in a Word format.
  • Supporting letters should be unique to the nominee highlighting the activities of the member, not the positions she has held. Position information is provided (through the iMIS record) to the Awards Review Specialty Community volunteers when reviewing the award application.
  • Consider using an Ontario Council generic letterhead template for your supporting letters.
  • For more information on the variety of awards available, (including sample letters of support) please consult the National Module 6 – Awards and Recognition document. (MemberZone login required)

Award Processing Timelines

These timelines allow for the application to be reviewed and the presentation package to be mailed to you by regular post.

ACL Approval Gold Thanks Pin
Team Award
Letter of Commendation

3-5 weeks

Unit Guider (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

6-8 weeks

Merit (bronze/silver/gold)
Medal of Merit
Outstanding Youth

8-12 weeks

Gold Maple Leaf
Honorary Life

Changes in Presentation Date:

  • If there is a change in the presentation date submitted on your original application, please notify


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National Award Process


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