Unit Banking

All Units, Guilds and Independent Trips in Ontario and Nunavut use Ontario Council's Centralized Banking System for all revenue and expenses.

Charitable Organization Registration Number:
11893 8554 RR 0015

Business Number (HST): 11893 8554 RT 0045

Treasurers - click here to access your Unit account 

Click Here for Treasurer Training


Where to mail your verified receipts and deposit slips:

Units: Unit Administrator Contact Information

Trefoil Guilds: unitadmin.4@guidesontario.org
(Michelle Jermy) ATTN: UA #50, 360 Queenston Rd, Hamilton ON, L8K 1H9

International Trips: trips@guidesontario.org
ATTN: Trips, 14 Birch Ave, Toronto ON, M4V 1C8

Interprovincial Trips: trips@guidesontario.org
 ATTN: Trips, 14 Birch Ave, Toronto ON, M4V 1C8



Centralized Banking Authorization Form / PDF

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Lost Receipt Form

Centralized Banking Account Closing Form / PDF

Mileage Log / PDF NEW

Parent Payment Receipt Template / PDF


Contact the Unit Finance Specialty Community Help Desk:

call 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2500

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