Cookie Jar for Guiders

Everything you need to know to plan, manage and achieve great results with your cookie-selling activities throughout the Guiding year. Plus, you’ll find fun and useful tools and resources that you can use for cookie campaign success!

Important Links - Units
Key Dates: Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
10 Important Cookie Facts That All Guiders Must Know
Cookie Ordering Website – (Member Zone Password Required)
Cookie All-Stars Ordering Site – (Member Zone Password Required)
Spring Online Surplus Cookie Request Form
Fall Online Surplus Cookie Request Form
Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive Program - FAQ
Proposed Delivery Schedule (Current Campaign)

Important Links – Cookie Receivers
Cookie Receiver Handbook
Helpful Hints From Fellow Receivers
Cookie Receiver Campaign Checklist

Unit Distribution Form – Please print before distributing cookies
Cookie Agreement – Large Cookie Orders (to be completed by parent/ward)
Cookie Agreement - LONES (to be completed by parent/ ward)
Cookie Pre-Order Form
Missing/ Damage Cookie Box Reporting Form for Units
Parent Not Paid Process
Planning a Group Sale  - INS.02 Form (Member Zone Login Required)
Planning a Group Sale - Contract Documentation Submission Form 
Planning a Group Sale - Cookie Selling Letter Request Form
Cookie Finder Map - Sales Event Form - (Adding cookie selling event)
Cookie Days in Canada – Booking Site (Member Zone Login Required)

Tools and Resources
Cookie All-Stars Tip Sheet
Cookie Campaign Checklist
Cookie Finder Map Tip Sheet
Cookie Invasions
Cookie Order Calculator
Cookie Ordering - Unit Tip Sheet
Cookie Selling Tips - for Girls
Cookie Selling Tips - for Parents
Cookie Selling Tips - from Guiders
Cookie Trouble Tip Sheet
Corporate Cookie Sales Tip Sheet
Fun Cookie Selling Ideas
Fundraising Comparison Tip Sheet
Group Sales Crests
Invoicing and Payment Tip Sheet
LONES Ordering Tip Sheet
No Sell Date - How to determine – Calculator
Online Cookie Payment Tip Sheet - For Parents
Persuasive Cookie Selling
Pick Up, Storage and Distribution Tip Sheet
Planning a Group Sale - Tip Sheet
Safety Tip Sheet
Surplus Cookies - How to request
Surplus Distribution Form – How to Complete
The Great Cookie Caper Wide Game Canada 150 Event
Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive Program - Calculator
Unit to Unit Transfer Tip Sheet
Unsold Cookies - Tip Sheet

National - Girl Guides Cookies FAQ
National - Cookie Ordering Manual (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie All Stars Summary Page (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie All Star Ordering Manual  (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie Days in Canada (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie Sales and Marketing Page (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Digital Cookie Tools (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie History (Member Zone Login Required)

Cookie Contacts
For general cookie questions or concerns about upcoming campaigns, volunteering and updates please contact: Cookie Adviser at, 1-877-323-4545 x 6804.

For logistical campaign questions and tips, potential selling events, surplus cookies, process for parent not paid and questions about ordering and invoicing, please contact: Cookie Administrative Assistant at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2441.

For logistical campaign questions or concerns about scheduled deliveries, cookie finances, parent processes, policies, key dates and any other issues, please contact Cookie Coordinator at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2440.

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