2015-2016 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge

2015-2016 Sing Ontario Sing - "Lend a Voice"

by the 3rd Uxbridge Brownies

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Sing Ontario Sing 2015-16

All songs are a ‘Round’, an ‘Echo’, ‘Repetitive’ or ‘Familiar’ so they are easy to sing along with. This will enable those who know the songs to ‘lend a voice’ to help and encourage others to sing!


Rounds are short, simple songs that repeat themselves. Divide the singers into 2 groups and decide which group will start (a stronger person who knows the song can lead). Group 1 sings the first line of the round. When they reach the end of the line, group 2 starts the first line of the round.

Echo and Answer Songs

Divide the group in 2. One group sings a phrase and then is echoed or answered by the other group. You can add fun to the song by changing your voice, plugging your nose, putting your tongue in your cheek, etc.

Repetitive Songs and Familiar Songs

These are songs with a repeating chorus and very familiar tunes.

This year’s Sing Ontario Sing challenge is divided into five categories:
  1. Fire Starters
  2. Warming Up
  3. Leaping Flames
  4. Marshmallow Time
  5. Glowing Embers
Requirements to earn the crest:
  • Sparks: Sing one song from each category
  • Brownies: Sing eight songs, at least one from each category
  • Guides: Sing twelve songs, at least two from each category
  • Pathfinders: Sing fifteen songs, at least two from each category
  • Rangers/Trex: Sing fifteen songs, at least two from each category and one of the following
    1. Teach some of these songs to a Spark, Brownie, Guide or Pathfinder unit as a bridging activity
    2. Lead a campfire for a gathering of units using some of these songs.
    3. Do a community service activity using these songs (such as singing at a Seniors Retirement home, community living centre, etc)

Round 1 - Fire Starters

Round 2 - Warming Up

Where everyone is feeling a little more comfortable singing

Round 3 - Leaping Flames

Where everyone is feeling great and ready to let loose

Round 4 - Marshmallow Time

Where everyone wants to keep singing but not be so silly

Round 5 Glowing Embers

Where the campfire is ending and everyone is relaxing and slowing down
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