Financial Assistance

We believe that girls should not have to face financial barriers in order to participate in all the fun activities our organization has to offer. We offer financial assistance programs for membership and outdoor experiences so that every girl member of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council (GGOC) can be everything she wants to be.

Membership Subsidy

The Membership Subsidy program helps families who require financial support to register their daughter with GGCOC. Families are required to pay a minimum of $75 for each girl registering; the remaining $100 is eligible to be considered for subsidy.

How to apply

Applications are completed by the parent/guardian through the online girl membership registration system. Confirmation of the approved subsidy amount is provided on the payment screen as the registration is processed. A family discount for third and subsequent registrations will be applied automatically. To complete the registration, you will be asked to pay the balance owing and will receive an email confirming the process is complete.

For more information about membership subsidies, contact, or call 1-877-564-6188.

Outdoor Experience Financial Assistance

The Outdoor Experience Financial Assistance (OEFA) program helps families who require financial support for their daughter/ward to engage in outdoor activities that take place outside of typical unit meetings. Currently, OEFA is available for Fully Serviced Outdoor Experiences. Each girl member* is eligible to receive assistance for up to 50% of the activity’s fee (before taxes) up to $300 of funding per Guiding year (September 1 - August 31) in order to attend an overnight camp or multi-day event that includes 80% of its programming in an outdoor environment**.

The application process differs depending on the nature of the outdoor experience a family wishes to register their daughter for.

Outdoor Experiences Fully Serviced Programs

Outdoor Experience Fully Serviced Programs are defined as those that appear on the Planned Programs for Units webpage.

How to apply

Unit Experiences

For Fully Serviced Outdoor Experiences, the Unit Guider submits a registration on behalf of any participants from the unit that wish to attend. The Unit Guider applies for financial assistance on behalf of any families that need it, as she’s submitting the unit’s registration. There will be a spot on the registration form for a Unit Guider to indicate that a girl is applying for financial assistance. Any applications made through this channel are reviewed, and if deemed eligible based on information on file, the subsidy will be applied to the payment balance on the unit’s online registration. An email will be sent to the Primary Registrant (Unit Guider) to inform them of which girls have received OEFA. Therefore, the Guider will be aware of the outstanding funds that need to be collected. An email will also be sent to the parent/guardian of the girl, notifying them of the OEFA granted.

Girls who have not automatically received OEFA for a fully serviced program but are interested in receiving subsidy can still apply. Upon request, a digital application form will be sent to the Primary Registrant (Unit Guider) to forward to the parent/guardian for completion and consideration. This form must be submitted by the parent/guardian. Once the form is received, GGCOC will review the form and contact the parent/guardian with the status of the application. The Primary Registrant (Unit Guider) will be contacted only if the girl has been approved for subsidy in order to determine outstanding amount that is required to be collected.

Events and Unit Requests Financial Assistance

Currently, OEFA is under review for Events or Unit Activities. We are working on the criteria and process to ensure that the needs of our members are met.


  • *This program is only for girls that are active members of GGCOC during the Guiding year in which the activity takes place. Girls who are part of our organization through the “Try Now, Join Later” program are not eligible.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay any camp or event costs in excess of the amount available from the subsidy program.
  • Assistance is limited to the fee before taxes (if applicable).
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