Unit Banking - Parent Online Bill Payment Set-up Instructions

We are pleased to announce that we are set up for Online Bill payment services with 6 Canadian banks.You can now make payments to your Girl Guide unit at your convenience. You no longer need to write a cheque or bring cash to the unit. Using this method of online bill payment will also help to cut down on administrative time for the leaders in the unit, freeing up valuable time to deliver fantastic girl program.

So how does this work?
“Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council” is set up with Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (including President’s Choice Financial channels), Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, National Bank and most Canadian Trust companies as a payee on their Online Bill Payment Service. The setup is similar to making online payment to your local tax department, or hydro etc. Simply set up “Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council” or a variation of this name as a new payee. You can also type in “Girl Guides” and do a search to find our name.

What can I use this for?
You can use this method to pay your daughter’s unit for Cookies, Camps, Events, Trips, Uniforms and Dues. These payments will be automatically deposited into the unit’s bank account and will include your name, and what you are paying for. This CANNOT be used to make payment for your daughter’s registration since online registration payments are accepted only through the National Girl Guide online registration system.

What’s the benefit of using online bill payment?
Once you set up the account number(s), making a payment is fast, easy and convenient! It is also free at most banks. The payment is on your banking system so you will not need to keep track of cheques or cash given to the unit and your unit does not need to issue you a receipt for your payment.

What do I have to do to set this up?
1. Sign in to your bank’s Online Banking
2. Select bill payment
3. Select set up payee
4. Search for Girl Guides, select Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council or variation of this name
5. Type in 20 digit account number(s).
6. Make your payment

What is my 20 digit account number(s)?
Your 20 digit account number(s) is designed to identify your daughter’s unit banking ID #, identify your daughter and the type of payment you are making to the unit.

Before you set up the account, please check the following to make sure that the number is correct:

1st 6 numeric characters – is your daughter’s unit banking ID number. You can confirm this number with your Unit Leaders.

2nd 10 numeric characters – is your daughter’s iMIS number with “0”s added in front of the number to make up 10 digits.

Last 4 alpha characters – is for the type of payments. You have a choice of 6 different payments. If you are using all 6, you will have to set up 6 different payee accounts. They are:

COOK – Spring and Fall cookie money
CAMP – Unit camping fees
EVNT – Unit event fees
DUES – Dues to unit
TRIP – Payments for participation in international, interprovincial or unit trips
UNFM – parent payment for girl’s uniform orders through unit

For example: if your daughter’s unit banking ID number is 001234; her iMIS number is 0123456789 and you want to make a cookie payment, the 20 digit account number will be: 0012340123456789COOK.

If you have questions about the account number, please call 1-877-323-4545 during office hours or email for assistance.

How do I keep track if I have more than one daughter?
You will need to set up different payee accounts for each daughter since the account number is unique to each girl. Once they are set up we suggest that you use the “nickname” or description field available in your banking system to keep track of different account(s) for different daughters and the different types of payments.

What do I have to do when my daughter changes units?
You will have to change or delete the old account number(s) you have previously created and set up new ones. Most banks allow you to edit payee information so this will be easy since all you have to do is to replace the first 6 numbers with the new unit banking ID numbers.
28/05/2017 6:10:30 PM