Alberta Challenges

Provincial Program Adviser Dana Wagner

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Provincial Challenges

Crests for all Alberta Provincial Challenges are available from the Alberta Council office by contacting Click on each challenge crest picture below to download the individual Challenges.

Retiring Soon!  Complete these challenges, while supplies last.

  • Go Green in your community
  • Find Your Voice


Camp Challenge    CSI Challenge   
 CSI Challenge Supplement 


Famous Five Challenge    Find Your Voice Challenge   

 Famous Five Challenge Supplement

Geocache Challenge      Go Green Challenge
GOTA Challenge       Mouse Around the House Challenge

       Polar Challenge

STEM Challenge       

 Fun Experiments for Sparks & Brownies


Aurora Adventures Area Challenges

Yukon Area Climate Change Challenge  NWT Firearms Safety Challenge  NWT Girls Go North Challenge  

Prairie Rose Area Challenge

Prairie Rose Chocolate Challenge

Additional Resources

EXPLORING CANADA - Sparks and Brownies.doc

SPECIES AT RISK - Sparks and Brownies.doc

SPECIES AT RISK - Guides.doc​​

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