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Girl Guide Cookies - Info for Consumers

Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada relies on Cookie Sales as our primary source of fund raising. All monies raised from cookie sales supports the development of strong girls and women by helping to fund diverse and exciting programming.

Cookie campaigns provide opportunities for members to develop skills such as teamwork, planning, safety awareness, courtesy, money management and customer service.

There are two annual Girl Guide Cookie Campaigns:

  • Classic Chocolate and Vanilla (“Sandwich” cookies) -- available in the Spring
  • Chocolatey Mint Cookie – available in the Fall

Cookies are $5.00 per box.

Cookies are kosher and produced by Dare Canada in Quebec, Canada in a peanut free facility. At this time we do not offer gluten free or vegan cookies. See below for ingredient lists.

Watch for girls selling cookies door-to-door in your neighbourhood and at local retail venues. If you would like to purchase Girl Guide cookies check out our Cookie Finder map, call our toll free number 1-800-565-8111, or email

Any taste or quality concerns can be directed at 1-800-507-7564 or email

Cookie Recipe Ideas:

Check out our Bright Ideas page for some yummy recipes to make Mini Cheesecakes and Cookie Flowers. Other recipe ideas can be found here.



Cookie Info for Guiders

Cookie Ordering Process

Classic sandwich cookies are ordered every January for sale starting in March/April and Chocolately mint cookies are ordered every June for sales starting in September/October. Each area and district has their own process for how cookies are ordered. Please refer to MemberZone or contact your local cookie orderer for specific details. 

Cookie Deliveries
Please refer to MemberZone regarding delivery guidelines and FAQ regarding cookie deliveries. 
If any issues/concerns arise regarding cookie delivery or for delivery address changes, please complete the Cookie Delivery Incident Reporting and Request Form (CK.2).

Cookie All Stars

Cookie All Stars is Girl Guides of Canada's cookie selling rewards initiative. Girls can earn amazing rewards for achieving exceptional cookie sales levels over the chocolatey mint and classic sandwich campaigns. 

Cookie All Star awards are for cookies sold cumulatively over BOTH campaigns. Registration for Cookie All Stars opens mid-February to the beginning of May. Check with your unit guider about getting you registered with the number of cases sold for both the chocolatey mint and classic campaigns. Check with your local Cookie Orderer regarding the deadline as there are no exceptions after the deadline date. 

Please refer to MemberZone for details regarding Cookie All Stars. 

Cookie Days in Canada
Please refer to MemberZone for specific dates. 

Sales and Marketing
Refer to the Alberta Council Best Practices for Cookies under the “Documents for Guiders” section below regarding best practices for up to date information on best practices for selling cookies in Alberta Council. 

Please refer to the MemberZone Cookies page for additional Sales and Marketing Resources and the Safe Guide page has resources regarding door-to-door sales. 

Online Sales and Marketing

Note: Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our girl and adult Members in all Guiding-related activities. GGC has adopted the following online cookie sales guidelines: Girl Guide cookies are currently not sold online due to safety concerns, and so GGC does not lose the face-to-face interaction between girls and the supporting public.

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) did some preliminary research into the viability of an online sales option for GGC cookies and found that the cost to implement online sales capability to our members was too high for GGC to reasonably manage. The process of selling cookies is a valuable learning tool in developing future life skills for girls.

Online sales are defined when a financial transaction is made online. Online marketing can include various mediums like print, broadcast and social media in a safe and secure manner. Girls that are participating in online marketing initiatives (not online sales) should read and discuss the rules for online safety with parents/guardians and/or their Unit Guider(s). Cookies that are for sale on auction sites should not be purchased as GGC cannot guarantee the freshness of the cookies.

Cookie Training
See MemberZone for Cookie Training Modules that introduces Unit Guiders to the Girl Guide cookie program.

Charitable Information
The Alberta Charitable Fundraising Act lays out rules that must be followed when charities ask Albertans for donations. Charities that intend to receive more than $25,000.00 in contributions during their financial year from persons in Alberta, must be prepared to give potential donors specific information. Because Guiding in Alberta will earn more than $25,000 from cookie sales alone, we must be prepared to give the potential donors specific information when selling our cookies. If asked, please refer to the September 2019 Memorandum regarding the Charitable Fundraising Act.

Problems or concerns:
Check out our FAQ questions page.

Questions regarding sales and selling techniques, ordering, or delivery should be directed to the Area or District Cookie Orderer.  

Any other questions can be directed to: 

Documents for Guiders

Forms for Guiders

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