Awards and Recognition

Awards Lead Henny Smit-Nielsen

Alberta Council Scholarships

Information on Alberta Council scholarships may be found on our Scholarships page.

National GGC Scholarships

For information on scholarships sponsored by the Girl Guides of Canada National Scholarship program, visit the GGC National Website.

Lady Baden-Powell Award for Guides

The Lady Baden-Powell Award is the highest award that a Guide can earn.  It involves completing the Guide Program as well as extra initiative in the areas of Community Service, Volunteering, while learning about the life and work of our World Chief Guide, Lady Olave Baden-Powell.  The Award is a pin in the shape of the Guide uniform hat that Lady B-P almost always wore.

The Lady Baden-Powell Award Booklet PDF
The Lady-Baden-Powell Award Certificate PDF

The Canada Cord

The Canada Cord is the highest award that a Pathfinder can earn.  The requirements include completing the Pathfinder Program as well as extra initiative in the areas of Community Service, Volunteering, and specific hours spent in developing Leadership or Camping skills.  The Award is a pin that is worn on a red ribbon around the neck to ceremonial occasions, the pin itself may also be worn on the Pathfinder or Ranger Pin Tab.

Thanks to BC Girl Guides Council for sharing their Canada Cord resources!

BC Girl Guides Canada Cord Resource and Tracking Booklet (single sided) PDF
BC Girl Guides Canada Cord Resource and Tracking Booklet (double-sided) PDF

Trailblazer Leadership Award

In 2018, the role of GGC’s Chief Commissioner was retired and split into two new positions: Chair of the Board of Directors and Guiding Ambassador. 

As a result, in April 2018, our final Chief Commissioner presented a new name for her award so that Rangers could continue to work towards this accomplishment. Girls across the organization supported the new name, the Trailblazer Leadership Award, which took effect in September 2018. 

To accommodate Rangers who prefer to complete the Chief Commissioner’s Award (CCA), we are extending the availability of the CCA certificates and pins until June 2019.  

After June 2019, all versions of the CCA will be retired. At that time, any Rangers working on the award can easily transfer what they’ve completed towards the Trailblazer Leadership Award. 

To learn more about the Trailblazer Leadership Award and what is involved in receiving this recognition, log on to the Girls First Platform and search for “Trailblazer.”


External Awards

    Emerald Foundation - If you set a positive environmental example or know of an organization or individual who does, be sure to take this opportunity to share these success stories with others - submit a nomination for an Emerald Award today. The Emerald Awards recognize excellence in preserving, protecting, enhancing and sustaining our environment in 12 different categories. Judges look at the positive, tangible and long-term impact of projects as well as, where appropriate, efforts that reflect collaborative approaches. Use the link to check for deadline.

    Government of Alberta Great Kids Award -  a Government of Alberta awards program that recognizes the outstanding contributions of children and youth at home, at school and in the community. Great Kids are a diverse group of children and youth between the ages of 5 and 18 who demonstrate determination, generosity, compassion, courage and a strong spirit. Use the link to check for deadline.
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