Alberta Council Cookie Adviser Linda Hallonquist.

Cookie Info for Consumers

Cookies are now $5.00 per box, the first price increase since 2003.

"Cookies are the fuel that keep campfires burning". Please support Girl Guides of Canada by buying cookies from your local Spark, Brownie, Guide, Pathfinder or Ranger!

Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada relies on Cookie Sales as our primary source of fund raising. There are two annual Girl Guide Cookie Campaigns: Classic Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies (sometimes called Sandwich Cookies) are sold in the Spring each year, and Minty Chocolate Cookies are sold every Fall.

Watch for girls selling cookies door to door in your neighborhood, at the community table at local retail venues, and at Sears stores across the country.

If you would like to purchase Girl Guide Cookies, please call our toll free number 1-800-565-8111 (answered locally).

Please address any taste or quality questions or concerns to our national Cookie Consumer Service number at 1.800.507.7564, or email

Cookie Info for Guiders

Cookies are $5.00 per box.

The above contact information is only for consumers regarding taste or quality issues; Guiders please contact your Area or District Cookie Orderer regarding any cookie selling concerns, or you can contact the Alberta Council Cookie Adviser directly by emailing


Cookie TOOLS for Guiders


The Alberta Charitable Fundraising Act lays out rules that must be followed when charities ask Albertans for donations.  Charities that intend to receive more than $25,000.00 in contributions during their financial year from persons in Alberta, must be prepared to give potential donors specific information. Because Guiding in Alberta, will earn more than the $25,000 from cookie sales alone, we must be prepared to give the potential donors specific information when selling our cookies.  If asked, please refer to the March 2019 Memorandum regarding the Charitable Fundraising Act.
9/19/2019 1:26:07 PM