Provincial Membership Adviser

The membership committee is comprised of Area Membership Advisers and the Provincial Membership Adviser. The purpose of our committee is to recruit, retain, recognize and reward new and current Members.

Learn more about membership resources available to you from the membership committee below.

Member Zone – information, resources, newsletters, forms and so much more!



  • Start a Unit Kit Do you need to open a new unit but you're not sure how to go about it? This kit contains step-by-step information including how to obtain financial assistance.

  • A “How To” Guide for Multi-branch Units Do you want to start a unit in your community but don’t have enough girls for one branch? Start a Guiding Unit with several branches meeting and working together. This booklet tells you how to do it

  • Guiding Unit Planner The Manitoba Program Committee put together this wonderful tool listing how all the girls programs interface. A must have for anyone with a Guiding Unit!

  • Welcome booklet An excellent resource for Guiders to use when starting up the Guiding year! Thanks to BC Membership for sharing this useful tool


  • Provincial Awards Booklet - All you need to know about the formal awards that are available. Remember, anyone can nominate a sister Guider for an award

  • The Membership Pin - the Membership Pin celebrates the length of time a person is a member of Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada and the fact that she has contributed from youth to adult.

  • Informal/Fun Appreciation Awards
    Some simple and fun ways to say "Thank you!"


  • The Diversity Challenge - The Diversity Challenge is intended to help Members learn more about themselves as well as others in their units, community, province, and around the world. It is branch specific with different activities for each group. It has been developed in three parts, which can be completed each year or independent of the others. A special crest, which can be purchased from the Provincial Office, has been designed for each part of the Challenge. The crests can be worn individually or joined together to make one large extraordinary crest.

  • Nondenominational Graces – Five graces set to simple melodies that you can use with both girls and adults.

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