Training Forms

Trainer, Trainer Candidates and Area Training Adviser Resources and Forms

Updated April 2017

Provincial Training Forms

  • AB-Training.01  - Trainer’s Biographical Record to be filled out and submitted annually to your Area Training Adviser.
  • AB-Training.02 - ATAs will use this form to track the yearly requirements and the reappointment process for each trainer in their Area.
  • SAMPLE AB- Training.02 - An example as to how to fill out the AB-Training.02 for ATA reference.
  • AB-Training.03 - ATAs will use this form to track the requirements of the appointment process for each Trainer Candidate in their Area.
  • SAMPLE AB-Training.03 - An example as to how to fill out the AB-Training.03 for ATA reference.
  • AB-Training.04 - Trainer Candidate Reference Form. To be used when interviewing a reference for someone applying to be a Trainer Candidate.
  • AB-Training.05 - Trainer Extension Request Form. To be used when a reappointment extension date is required.
  • Trainer Observation Rubric - The Alberta Council Training Sub Committee General Meeting, April 2018, agreed that a Trainer being Observed for her Reappointment should provide the Rubric to the Observer. The Observer will discuss the completed Rubric with the Trainer – it is intended to be a tool to give the Trainer useful feedback and suggestions for improvement or growth as a Trainer. The Rubric remains with the Trainer and is not part of the package of paperwork sent to the ATA for the Trainer’s reappointment.
  • AB-Training.06 Mentor Work Sheet - Goal Setting - To be completed together by a Trainer Candidate and her Mentor to develop and understand their goals within their mentoring relationship.
  • AB-Training.07 Travelling Trainer Request Form - Request travelling trainers to visit Districts/Areas.


This is an all-encompassing document, and is a fantastic resource for Trainers, Trainer Candidates and ATAs in AB, NT & YT. Please ensure to refer to it, especially when submitting training forms for appointment, and reappointment procedures.

  • Alberta Council Event Planner - Have you been selected to coordinate a Provincial Training event? Please ensure you check this handy resource to get started.
  • Member Zone (login required) (under Training tab, labelled Trainers) - Find information regarding TEAM overview and management plus links to Training modules.
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