Domestic (within Canada) and International

Trip Planning and Trip Financials

Effective January 1, 2017, all responsible Guiders participating in international and domestic travel requiring a SG.8 participate in a trip planning training before they submit the SG8 and attend a trip financial training within 4 months of receiving the trip binder. If Guiders have previous travel experience as an adult in Girl Guides they will be required to attend a review training. Trips approved prior to Jan 1, 2017 for travel in 2018 onward are required to take both of the trainings within 6 months (June 30, 2017).

Training will be available by teleconference/Adobe Connect as it is a provincial training and require pre-registration. If you have questions on the requirements please email These trainings will be advertised on the Alberta Council website under Training as well as ANY_GuideNews.


Domestic Trip Planning Timeline
Domestic Travel Participant List
Trip Budget Worksheet
Trip Financial Worksheet (includes Event Summary)
Transportation Assistance
Guidelines for using EF tours and other tour companies


Fundraising and Financial Accounting for SG.8 Approved Travel


Travel Planning Training

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