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Did you know that because Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada is one entity, our National level holds the liability insurance policy for the whole organization? Only specific Guiders who have taken further training and been authorized by Girl Guides of Canada to sign on behalf of the organization can sign contracts! In BC, all contracts must be sent to the Provincial office at for review and signing by an authorized contract signer. If you, as a Guider, sign any contracts, you could be held personally liable. For more very important information or questions about contracts, or the contract authorization process, please contact Antonia Clark for clarification.

Effective October 15, 2014, all contracts must be submitted to the provincial office for review and signature at least 14 days, but preferably 21 days, prior to the effective date of the contract. Late requests will not be considered, and will be returned to you, unsigned.

Often contracts require additional clarification from the national office, our insurance company or the venue. Last minute requests submitted to the office does not give enough time should extra work be required and has the potential to put parties involved at risk. Please be respectful of this deadline to ensure that your activities can go ahead as you have planned and our girls are not disappointed.
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