BC Provincial Camping Adviser: Dora Masters at

Please use when you have questions about Safe Guide or Safe Guide Forms. If you are submitting Safe Guide forms for assessment, please send these to

The Provincial Camping Committee

Supports and promotes camping. This includes:
Liaising with Provincial and National committees
Preparing budgets and proposals for special events
Dealing with Inter-Provincial invitations
Organizing Provincial camping events
Assisting independent groups traveling in Canada
Maintaining contact with Area and Provincial Camping Advisers
Providing camp resources and tools
Advising on Adventure Camping topics
Liaising with Trex Guiders
Supporting OAL Adventure Trainings and Expeditions

To communicate with our BC campers, we:
Publish the Headlamp BC Camping newsletter for all Guiders
Correspond with Area Camp Advisers
Circulate camping information
Post camp resources and tools on the website
Engage Social Media

Camping Contact Emails

BC Camping Adviser:
Adventure - Trex Contact:
Camping Events:
Headlamp Contact:

BC Camping Committee

Provincial Camping Adviser: Dora Masters

Camping Committee Members:
Adele Cooshek
Kara Serenius
Stephanie Gallant

Camping Committee Expression of Interest


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