Provincial Camping Opportunities

LEAP 2025 Ontario

BC Council has been invited to send one selected patrol of two Guiders and 14 youth to attend LEAP as an independent trip. LEAP is an Ontario provincial camp from August 3-9, 2025. This trip is open to Guides born in 2014 through to Rangers born in 2007. Youth 10 to 17 years old by December 31, 2024, can attend LEAP 2025 as campers. We are also accepting applications for Guiders interested in leading this patrol. In addition to the actual cost to attend LEAP (Girl registration fee: $995 plus HST and Guider registration fee: $400 plus HST), you will be responsible for paying for travel to and from Ontario and meals en route.  Once the patrol has been established, a full budget will be created, and each participant will be responsible for payment. Fundraising, once this trip unit is established, is encouraged.

Take a LEAP into outdoor adventure, a LEAP outside your comfort zone and a LEAP into a unique camping experience! A LEAP camper will discover everything she wants to be while participating in incredible Guiding activities, making memories, developing confidence and leadership skills and making new friends from across Ontario and Nunavut. Find out more.

Applications are now open:

GATHER 2024 Saskatchewan

GATHER is a small interprovincial camp for Pathfinders and Rangers being planned in Saskatchewan from July 11-17, 2024. GATHER is a camp for approximately 150 youth plus Guiders. Each provincial council is invited to send one patrol to GATHER; the remaining patrols will be from Saskatchewan.

BC will select the patrol for GATHER 2024 by asking Patrol Guider Teams to enter a lottery; the selected Patrol Guider Team will be able to select their youth for the patrol. In addition to registration fees, the patrol will be responsible for paying for travel to and from Saskatchewan, as well as meals en-route. Once the patrol has been established, a full budget will be created, and each participant will be responsible for payment. Fundraising, once this trip unit is established, is encouraged.

Guiders looking to submit an application for a Guider Team can complete the Gather 2024 BC Guider Team Application form.


Where is camp? What is it like?

Trefoil Trails is an established Girl Guide camp within the boundaries of Pike Lake Provincial Park. It is located approximately 30 minutes south of Saskatoon.

Trefoil Trails is a largely prairie setting, with some small hills. Most of camp is grass covered, with some dirt/sandy areas. There is little shade cover (though picnic shelters and marquee tents will be available). Canoeing is available on the lake nearby.

Patrols will camp in tents. If a youth member or Guider requires indoor accommodations, please let us know – limited indoor accommodations are available.

How big is a patrol?

A patrol is up to eight (8) youth who are Pathfinder/Ranger aged at the time of camp and 2 Patrol Guiders.

How will food be handled?

Camp is semi-catered. Campers will need to bring a ditty bag with camp dishes. Breakfast and lunch will be provided from the central camp kitchen. There will be a separate kitchen with core staff who are trained to deal with any food allergies and other special diets.

Patrols will cook their own supper and mug-up. Food will be provided from the central and special diets kitchens each day. Patrols will be provided with snacks for each day, to eat when they need/want. In addition, there will be a tuck shop available with limited options, sold at cost.

How much will it cost? What does that include?

The registration fee for youth is $850. The registration fee for Patrol Guiders is $700.

This includes all camp activities, food, transportation from the Saskatoon airport (if needed), camp swag, and all necessary cooking equipment (stove, patrol box with cooking dishes/utensils, water jug, cooler, etc.).

Patrols are responsible for their transportation to Saskatoon if flying or directly to camp if driving.

What do patrols need to bring?

Patrols will need to bring their own individual clothing and gear (e.g., sleeping bags, ditty bags) and tents. We may be able to assist groups who are flying with borrowing tents, but we do not own enough tents to provide them for all patrols. Patrols will also need to bring ditty bags – all cooking equipment (including stoves) will be provided.

What programming is available?

Our goal is to provide a well-rounded program that is youth-driven. We are currently consulting with youth members in Saskatchewan to develop our program offerings. Each youth member will get a chance to go on at least one out-trip. Out-trip offerings may include hiking the sand dunes at Douglas Provincial Park, zip-lining, visiting Wanuskewin Heritage Park, etc. Youth will get an opportunity to sign up for the programming that interests them most.

When will patrols register?

Registration will be open for non-Saskatchewan patrols in October, 2023. BC Patrol Guide Application will be available on the BC Girl Guide Website in early October.

Into the Forest

Did you enjoy BC Camping’s' previous Camp-in-a-Box events? Do you want an easy-to-plan fall camp for Sparks, Embers, or Guides? Are you enjoying the Tree-mendous Trees program content? Let’s get ‘Into the Forest’ this fall with a camp planned just for you!

Into the Forest logo

  • What: Into the Forest  is a BC provincially supported Camp designed to be either a single unit or multiple units.
  • Where: Locally throughout BC, to be decided by your unit, district, or area
  • When: Saturday, October 14, 2023
  • Participants: Sparks, Embers, Guides, and their leaders
  • Hosts: Enthusiastic hosts to organize the Camp with the support of special enlisted helpers.
  • Special Helpers: Local GGC Camping Enthusiasts, including adult members, Rangers, Trex and Pathfinders, willing to volunteer.
  • Costs: While we are sold out of kits, you are welcome to order crests ($1/each) and run your own event.

Provincial Camp Application Forms

Ranger Annual Camps

Rangers and Scouts participate in a joint-venture camp to host four annual camps. These camps have brought Rangers, Venturers and Rovers together for well over 20 years of camping.

Co-ed Camping policy: BC Standards Pertaining to Camping (PDF)

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