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Into the Forest

Did you enjoy BC Camping’s' previous Camp-in-a-Box events? Do you want an easy-to-plan fall camp for Sparks, Embers, or Guides? Are you enjoying the Tree-mendous Trees program content? Let’s get ‘Into the Forest’ this fall with a camp planned just for you!

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  • What: Into the Forest is a BC provincially supported Camp designed to be either a single unit or multiple units.
  • Where: Locally throughout BC, to be decided by your unit, district, or area
  • When: Saturday, October 15, 2023
  • Participants: Sparks, Embers, Guides, and their leaders
  • Hosts: Enthusiastic hosts to organize the Camp with the support of special enlisted helpers.
  • Special Helpers: Local GGC Camping Enthusiasts, including adult members, Rangers, Trex and Pathfinders, willing to volunteer.
  • Costs: This event is designed to be run as a day activity or an overnight camp, organizers' choice. Local prices will depend on unit choices. Units should budget to cover the cost of any food provided, program materials and any site fees. The provincially subsidized program supply boxes include crests and program materials and will be charged at $6 per participant.

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2023 BC Summer Camps

We are pleased to share with you the following summer camps that are happening in BC!

*Please Note: Camp registration opens April 3.

Rivers North Area Back to Basics Camp, Camp Ispah

*Open to youth from Rivers North Area (northern BC) only; registration is completed by Unit Guiders, and youth attend with a group. Please speak to your Unit Guider for more details, as registration is already open for this camp.

Monashee Area Summer Camp, Camp Arbuckle

Open to youth members from Monashee Area only; registration is completed by Unit Guiders, and youth attend with a group - please speak to your Unit Guider.

Thompson Nicola Area Summer Camp, Camp Selhowtkan

Open to youth members from Thompson Nicola Area only; youth are registered individually by their parent/guardian.

More Seaside Fun at Camp Olave in Sechelt

Open to all BC youth members from any area; youth are registered individually by their parent/guardian.

  • July 23-29: More Seaside Fun (MSF) for 2nd Year Embers, Guides, Pathfinders (born 2008-2014)
  • July 23-29: MSF Adventure Camp for Pathfinders and Rangers (born 2005-2010)
  • More Seaside Fun registration form

HOLIDAZE at Camp Olave in Sechelt

Priority is given to youth members from West Coast Area; out-of-area campers can join a waitlist and will be contacted in late May if space remains. Youth are registered individually by their parent/guardian.

  • August 18-26: Overnight Camp for Counsellors and Junior Staff (born 2005-2009)
  • August 19: Intro-to-Holidaze Day Camp for Sparks & Embers (born 2014-2017)
  • August 20-26: Overnight Camp for Embers, Guides, Pathfinders, Rangers (born 2005-2015)
  • HOLIDAZE registration form

Provincial Camp Application Forms

Ranger Annual Camps

Rangers and Scouts participate in a joint-venture camp to host four annual camps. These camps have brought Rangers, Venturers and Rovers together for well over 20 years of camping.

Co-ed Camping policy: BC Standards Pertaining to Camping (PDF)

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