Provincial International Adviser: Colleen Kellner at

The role of the International Adviser is to stimulate and promote an active interest in World Guiding. Their main tasks are:
  • Organizing BC international activities and events
  • Promoting international interest
  • Assisting independent groups
  • Providing Guiding international information and contacts
  • Promoting the Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF)
  • Supporting all approved international projects

The Provincial International Adviser is to be contacted for all inter-provincial trip opportunities.

International Committee

The role of the international committee is to support the area international advisers, keeping them advised of all the opportunities available to our membership. Special tasks the committee works on are:
  • International Opportunities
  • Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF)
  • Global issues

Contact email:

Jobs and Opportunities

WAGGGS international

International Flag Collection

International Flags to be Replaced (PDF) December 2018
Application for Borrowing of International Flags (Word) - For BC Members Only*
  • *Please Note: Flags will not be shipped out of province
  • Flags, Poles and Stands (Excel)
    BC Flag Collection Introduction (PDF)
    12/6/2022 11:31:32 PM