International Opportunities

Around The World in Four Days

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

The BC International Committee invites you to go "Around the World in Four Days"!

  • Experience and appreciate different cultures while getting prepared for travel.
  • Get ready to navigate trains, planes, and new cities.
  • Learn to convert currencies and budget for a trip.
  • Find out how to pack for where you want to go: what luggage, how much and what to bring (an outdoor gear company will take us through it).
  • See where other girls have travelled and explore the possibilities for you.

Each night, you will get an authentic taste of the world and be entertained. Who knows, you might meet a future travel buddy at this camp!

This event is open to youth 12 years and older by July 1, 2024.

Experience Culture Challenge

The International Committee wants members in BC to explore the many cultural opportunities available within communities throughout BC. As a unit activity, youth and guiders are encouraged to explore the authentic opportunities available within your community to learn about another culture. To help encourage units explore culture, the committee will reimburse units $5 per participant for their activity cost.

Some examples of these opportunities would be having a local cultural group share their culture with your group which could include teaching a traditional dance, a craft specific to their culture, a cooking lesson, etc. Alternatively, your unit could explore this same sort of opportunity online. Sangam often offers cooking lessons taught by the staff. Please complete the form for more information.

To apply for the reimbursement, please fill out the Experience Culture Challenge Application Form.

5/21/2024 2:56:30 AM