Guiding Lights Across BC

Announcing our World Thinking Day celebration: Guiding Lights Across BC - February 22, 2023!

Celebrate with BC Girl Guides in your community as we shine our Guiding lights in support of girl empowerment.

Local landmarks across the province (like stadiums, bridges, structures, and buildings) will help us celebrate by lighting up in "Guiding blue" after dark on the evening of February 22.

Locations in every region of BC have agreed to participate, so you can go admire the blue Guiding lights shining in your area that evening! Find out who's participating by visiting the map, below:

Every year on February 22, Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day, a day of international friendship. It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect girls and young women, celebrate the founding of Girl Guides, and be connected to the 10 million members around the world who are part of the Guiding movement.

Here in British Columbia, we have thousands of girls and women who are members of Girl Guides of Canada. We have Girl Guide programs in nearly every community in BC and our girls/volunteers light up their communities year-round through leadership, community service, and efforts to create a better world, by girls.

RSVP on Facebook to be notified as we announce locations.

We also invite Guiding members and other supporters to light candles, make lanterns, and find other ways to shine your own Guiding lights from your homes, in your meeting locations, and around your neighbourhoods.

With your Girl Guide group, consider doing some crafting in the new year - you could decorate glass-jar lanterns, make luminary lanterns out of paper bags, or set up your own light displays in your windows or yards.

Here are some activity suggestions:

Activity Templates

  • Make an upcycled lantern with an empty metal can and a hammer/nail
  • Print, cut, and glue together a triangular lantern or cylindrical lantern made of paper
  • Cut out candle drip protectors for a candlelit walk

  • Activity Ideas

    Get visible in your community on February 22! Looking for inspiration?

    • Go on a lit-up neighbourhood walk
    • Put on your headlamps for a night hike
    • Host a campfire singalong event at a local lit-up landmark
    • Invite friends and families to join you for a lantern-making workshop
    • Have a unit decorating contest to see who can decorate their home windows with the brightest bluest display
    • Make blue/lit-up crafts as tray favours for a local seniors' home
    • Organize a fun blue-themed photo booth with lanterns, flashlights, and other light-up props

    (Don't forget to snap photos of your activities – share them on social media by tagging @bcgirlguides and using the hashtag #ShineYourGuidingLight!)

    Communication Resources

    • Print an 8.5x11 poster for display at your organization, workplace, or on a community notice board (please ask for local permission before posting)
    • Share a promotional post on your Facebook or Instagram feeds:
      Guiding Lights Across BC IG or FB post
    • Let your Instagram followers know about Guiding Lights Across BC with an Instagram story post:
      Guiding Lights Across BC We're Celebrating Instagram story


    Which BC sites will be lighting up blue on February 22?
    Check out the interactive map for locations confirmed so far! Stay tuned for a full list of participating sites – we are pleased to have a long list of supportive organizations that have signed up and will add new sites as they are confirmed (check back later). We are also sharing sneak peeks on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so come connect with us to get an early preview of some sites.

    I own/operate a site in BC that would love to light up. Who can I contact?
    Thank you for your support! Please email with more information about your landmark and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    There’s a location in my community that I hope will light up. Should I contact them?
    BC Girl Guides is handling all outreach to community sites and a long list of locations across BC have already been contacted. If you want to ensure that a specific landmark is on our request list, please email with more information (and contact info if available) so we can connect with them if we have not already reached out.

    9/26/2023 1:19:34 AM