BC Awards

The BC Awards Committee is a Provincial Committee that falls under the BC Membership Committee.

We oversee:

  • Adult Awards (bc-awards@girlguides.ca)
  • Book of Honour (bc-bookofhonour@girlguides.ca)
  • BC Leadership Spirit Awards for girls
  • BC Scholarships and Bursaries (bc-scholarships@girlguides.ca)

Awards and Recognition

A full description and criteria of adult awards and recognition is available on the Girl Guides of Canada (GGC), Ontario Council Awards page.

For more information and to apply, visit the GGC Online Application Portal.

  • BC Award: Guider affecting the nature of BC Guiding
  • BC Guider Appreciation Pin: Guider with measurable service beyond expectation
  • Beaver: National Award
  • Certificate of Appreciation (PDF): Any Guiding/Non-Guiding Member
  • Commissioner Award: Commissioner who leads by example
  • Fortitude: National Award
  • Gold Thanks Pin: Any Guiding member
  • Honorary Life Award: National Award
  • Letter of Commendation: Any Guiding member
  • Medal of Merit: Guider for exceptional service
  • Merit Award (Bronze/Silver/Gold): Awarded in order to Guider
  • New Unit Guider Pin: For all first year Guiders
  • Silver Thanks Pin: Non-member of Guiding
  • Team Award: Exceptional teamwork for project or event
  • Unit Guider Award (Bronze/Silver/Gold): Unit Guider helping girls attain greatness
  • Valour Award: National Award

Book of Honour

The Book of Honour was created by Girl Guides of Canada -Guides du Canada, BC Council to recognize outstanding BC Guiders and girls who exemplify the spirit of Guiding. Funds collected for Book of Honour recipients are used to support the BC Council Bursary of Honour. The Book of Honour is displayed at BC Guide House in North Vancouver.

BC Leadership Spirit Award

The BC Leadership Spirit award is presented to girls in any branch Outstanding youth members.

BC Scholarships and Bursaries

Applications for BC Scholarships and Bursaries are posted in February for both graduating youth and adult members pursuing post-secondary education and/or training.

For a full description of all Scholarships and Bursaries, visit the BC Scholarships page.

Girl Scholarships

  • BC Council Bursary
  • BC Vocational Trade and Technology Scholarship
  • Bursary of Honour
  • Elaine Killam Scholarship
  • Eve Pound Scholarship
  • Margery Dumfries Scholarship

Adult Scholarships and Bursaries

  • BC Trefoil Guild Education Grant
  • Leslee Jean Arnet Adult Bursary
  • Pat Drugge Adult Bursary

Membership Pins

Awarded annually to all Guiding members recognizing years of membership in Girl Guides of Canada. Pins are available for years one to 20, then in five-year increments. Membership Pins are available at the Girl Guides on-line store.

Please make sure to recognize our long-time members! 25 to 50 years are now being “pinned” by Areas and Districts. Over 50 years are being recognized by National.


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