BC PC Team

Meet the PC Team

Diamond Isinger, Provincial Commissioner

Diamond Isinger is an enthusiastic volunteer, advocate for girls and women, and a professional communicator with a passion for making change. She is proud to serve as Provincial Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada in British Columbia, leading our BC team to create a better world, by girls, through girl-driven programs. Diamond joined Guiding as a Spark in Burnaby and enjoyed many adventures as a youth member. Since then, she has worn many GGC hats in both British Columbia and Ontario. Those positions acting as a Unit Guider for Sparks, Brownies, and Guides, the Area Commissioner for West Coast Area, a PR Adviser, a member of several national and provincial committees, coordinator of program events for girls, volunteer core staff at summer camps, and more. Outside of Guiding, Diamond spends her days as a public affairs manager working on relationship-building activities (outreach, communications, media, etc) for an industry association in downtown Vancouver, and most recently worked in Ottawa as a political advisor.

Tara Decker, Deputy Provincial Commissioner

Tara has been a member of Girl Guides of Canada for over 10 years. She was not a Girl member, but joined prior to her daughters looking for a new volunteer experience. Tara began as an Area Program Adviser in Thompson Nicola Area, and when her youngest daughter joined, she became a Unit Guider for Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Trex. She has also served as an Area Training Adviser and Area Commissioner. Tara lives in Kamloops with her husband and their two daughters. When not working in either her "for pay" position or for Guiding, Tara enjoys the varied outdoor adventure opportunities that are readily available throughout our province.

Colleen McKenna, Deputy Provincial Commissioner

Colleen McKenna is has been a member of Guiding since she joined as a Brownie in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Colleen has been a member in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. She has been a Guider with all the branches and currently a Guider in SVI with the 3rd Raven Sparks. Colleen is known by most SVI members as either Sunshine or Sunshine Owl. Colleen’s highlights as a girl and adult member include receiving her Canada Cord from the Alberta Lieutenant Governor and her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award from Prince Philip, attend Guiding Mosaic, attending multiple SOAR camps, leading a BC Sponsored trip to Udaipur, India and being a part of the teams running several GUESTs, Pathfinder Summits and Ranger Revolutions for BC Girl Members. Colleen is busy outside of Guiding working as a Genetics Technologist and being a part of her running and book clubs. Colleen loves hiking, running, canoeing, knitting and reading.

Christine Tessier, Deputy Provincial Commissioner

Christine Tessier has been in Guiding for over 40 years. She has held several positions with her favourites being a Guide Guider and Area Commissioner. Although she threatens to retire, new opportunities keep piquing her interest and she is now looking forward to this new challenge as a Deputy Provincial Commissioner. Christine was born in Quebec and is the oldest of three children. Her dad was a military policeman, so the family moved every three years. At the age of ten they were living in Germany where she was part of an army base Guide unit. Her dad made sure that the family got to see as much of Europe as they could. It was this adventure that created a passion for travel. Christine has been to four World Centres and countries on every continent except Antarctica. Christine is currently a bookkeeper, librarian and teacher at St. Joseph’s School in Smithers. She was the driving force that convinced BC Council to hold SOAR 2017 in her neighbourhood. She is very proud to be representing those in the north of the province, giving a rural perspective on Guiding

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