Let's Sing!

Guiding Songs

Here are Guiding songs for you to learn at home.
The words and a demo are provided for each song.
Click on your selection.

Bed is to Small
Celebrate with Light
Guiding Law Song
Ira Congo
Peace of the River 
Sing and Shout
Sparks Jump Up
I Promise to Share and be a Friend
Thank-you Grace
The Hills
We Want the Sunshine
The Window
When e’er You Make a Promise
White Corel Bells
The World Song
Tall Trees
As We Trek Along
Swinging Along
Even Song

System Needs: The music file will automatically engage your browser when you click to download. Media players such as Windows Media Player and Quicktime Player will play many different web music formats including ‘wav’.

Guiding song books are available at our online shopping.

Check the Tuneguide for additional music support.

Download the Audio Resource file to locate
the lyrics for the songs found on TuneGuide.

Thanks go out to Shelagh Walsh for organizing, taping and preparing these songs.

11/29/2020 6:10:49 PM