The 2021 classic cookie campaign launches on October 1 and we are building our team of Cookie Receivers.

If you are interested in joining the team of Cookie Receivers for the upcoming classic cookie campaign, please complete the form below by May 20, 2021. Some changes have been made to the Cookie Receiver job description, so it is important that you read the requirements below in full before completing the form. This new form is for all provinces.

What is a Cookie Receiver?
A Cookie Receiver (CR) is the person who handles the final stretch of the cookie deliveries. The shipping company will deliver the bulk cookies for a group of units to a CR's location (your own or other identified space). The CR then looks after the cookies until the unit arrives to collect them from you.

Role and Requirements of a Cookie Receiver
A CR does not have to be an active Guider. Family members, friends and local business owners can support the local girls in this role.

Requirements - all Cookie Receivers must

  • Be available to accept delivery of cookies on the date confirmed by the shipping company. Deliveries will typically be during the day on weekdays;
  • Be available at the delivery location on the scheduled date from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to accept the delivery. Because we are given no set time for when the delivery will occur, only a window of time will be provided closer to the scheduled date;
  • Complete all required paperwork for inventory control and submit to the national office within defined timelines;
  • Complete and sign a Non-Member Volunteer application that includes a confidentiality statement and Code of Conduct if they are not already adult members in good standing.

Standard Requirements
If the requirements in this section cannot be met, we still need individuals to help us at other facilities that are not an individual home or business.

  • Space available to accept delivery of a minimum of five pallets (360 cases) of cookies. Exceptions to this minimum delivery volume will be made for certain remote/rural locations. Cookies will not be removed from their pallets at the time of delivery and the delivery company will not be entering homes due to safety measures.
  • A location where cookies can be stored in a clean, cool environment. Mint cookies should be stored at a temperature between 10°C and 22°C; sandwich cookies at below 28°C. Storage locations should be free of chemicals, paint, or any solvent producing an odour that could be absorbed by the cookies. Cookies must also be kept away from potential infestations.
  • The ability to store cookies longer than 24 hours.

Important to note:
CRs must be willing to accept delivery of any unit’s cookie supply and will no longer be able to make their location unit specific (with the exception of your own unit’s classic cookie order). This is to ensure that all locations are used to capacity to help keep shipping costs lower then past campaigns.

Don’t have a location to accept cookie delivery but still would like to help distribute cookies to units this fall?
Please complete the form to confirm your interest in assisting with the distribution of cookies at a delivery location in the city you reside in that is currently without a CR.