Having a uniform is a core tradition of Girl Guides that remains relevant today. It’s a way of showing that we’re a united, inclusive organization that all girls can join. Having a uniform provides a sense of pride and belonging for all members of Guiding.  

Girls, parents and volunteers have told us they want a comfortable, stylish uniform designed to allow girls to participate in a range of activities, and one that’s good value. Members are welcome to wear any current or past uniform pieces to their Guiding activities. You can choose to purchase from thegirlguidestore.ca the current uniform, which includes:

  • For girls:
    • T-shirt
    • Tie
    • Badge sash and reef knot, or pin tab (depending on branch)
    • For pants/bottoms, girls can wear whatever they're comfortable in for unit meetings or other Guiding events
  • For adult members
    • Blue polo shirt
    • Pin tab
    • Scarf
    • Navy pants

Girl Guides of Canada will be adopting a new uniform at the start of the 2019 Guiding year (September 2019). In order to ensure our uniform is not a barrier to membership, the new uniform will be simplified – with only one mandatory piece, a T-shirt.

Current uniform options remain available for sale at our standard low cost and can be worn for this entire Guiding year and beyond. Girls can continue to wear uniform pieces they own and will not be required to buy a new one in 2019.

Look for ongoing updates throughout the year as we work with a consultation group of girls and women in Guiding on the release of the new uniform.