What are the costs involved in Guiding?

Guiding is a place where girls and young women can challenge themselves, put their ideas into action, take part in an amazing range of activities, and gain the skills to confidently navigate their world. They do this all in a safe and supportive environment that welcomes every girl and encourages her to be everything she wants to be.

Membership fees

Girl Guide unit meetings typically take place weekly from approximately September until May or June. The membership fee, which covers the whole Guiding year (September 1 to August 31) will cost between $100 and $200 depending on your region. Find the exact price of your child's membership fee by visiting  our unit finder
In addition to making Guiding possible for your child, this membership fee  supports the development of cutting-edge girl programming; screening and training our volunteers who deliver the programs; insurance coverage for activities and fees for renting meeting spaces.  


Girls wear uniforms to weekly meetings and to represent Girl Guides when they are out in their community or at an event. We have two options for our official uniform: a fitted T-shirt and a relaxed-fit, long-sleeved tunic the cost of which ranges from $20 to $30. Uniforms, along with other optional Guiding sashes, crests, and more can be purchased through our online store.

Other Costs

There may also be other fees associated with activities your child’s group chooses to take part in. This could include  outings, events with other groups in Guiding, sleepovers, or camps. Speak to the unit leader of your child’s unit to learn more about planned activities and related costs.

GGC Membership Fee Subsidy Program

We want every girl to have the chance to be a part of Guiding. Girl Guides of Canada is proud to offer a membership fee subsidy program to make Guiding accessible to more girls.

You can apply for financial assistance with the membership fees directly through our girl registration system.

Look for the “Apply for Subsidy” button on the payment page and have the following information ready

  • The number of family members living in your home, including yourself
  • Your estimated annual family income before taxes

You will be asked a few short questions and the system will instantly let you know if you are approved. All approved subsidy amounts will be deducted automatically from the membership fee at checkout. You’ll be prompted to pay the remaining balance using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal to complete her registration.

If your subsidy application was approved (or not approved) and you require additional financial assistance, you may be eligible for a reassessment. Look for the “Request Reassessment” button at the end of your online subsidy application.

Please note: The GGC Membership Fee Subsidy Program currently covers the membership fee only. Please contact info@girlguides.ca

Alternative Support with Guiding Costs

There are also a variety of funding providers that may help you access financial support for costs related to your child’s participation in Guiding (including membership fee support, camp or activity costs, uniform fees, etc.).

Some examples of third-party agencies are :

  • Jumpstart
  • ProKids
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Local community, youth services, and recreation funds

Note: Third-party subsidy agencies may vary by community or by province.

If you are receiving financial support  from a third-party agency to cover membership fees, please contact us at info@girlguides.ca or 1-877-564-6188 for registration assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Subsidy

I was approved for subsidy last year – do I need to apply again?

Yes – subsidy is not carried-over from previous year. A new application is required for each year of registration.

Do I have to apply for a fee subsidy separately for each girl I am registering?

No, only one subsidy application is needed per family per Guiding year. The approved subsidy amount will be applied to all girls within the same family, even if they are registered on different days.

Note – If a girl is already registered, and then a subsidy application is approved online, subsidy is not applied retroactively. Please connect with the Customer Care team at info@girlguides.ca if you are looking to apply a subsidy to a girl who has already been registered. 

Can I apply for subsidy if my child is already registered?

We encourage subsidy applications to be completed during your child’s registration. If you want to apply for subsidy, please click “Apply for Subsidy” on the payment page before you complete your payment. If approved, the subsidy will be automatically applied to your final balance, and you will only need to pay the remaining difference for any girl on your account who is not already registered.

This subsidy is not automatically applied retroactively. If you are looking to apply a subsidy to a girl who has already been registered, please contact info@girlguides.ca

What if I already registered one girl without subsidy, but I want to apply for subsidy for my second child?

You are welcome to apply for a subsidy when you are registering your child, even if you have already registered another child  without subsidy. Any approved amount will be automatically applied to all unregistered girls on your account. You will see the subsidy applied when you proceed to the payment page after selecting a preferred unit.

My subsidy application was not approved but I still require financial assistance – what do I do?

If your subsidy application is not approved, you can request a reassessment of your application. Click “Request Reassessment” after you complete your online subsidy application and follow the prompts. You will receive an email with instructions to begin the reassessment process. When you request a reassessment after selecting a group for your child, the system will automatically hold your child’s space for five business days to allow a member of our team to reassess your application.

A reassessment can only be completed before payment.

I was approved for subsidy, but I would like to request more financial assistance – how can I do that?

If your subsidy application was approved and you would like to request more financial assistance, you can request a reassessment of your application online (see instructions in question above). You can also contact us at info@girlguides.ca or 1-800-565-8111 to discuss alternative payment options.

I don’t need to apply for a subsidy, but I’d like to pay in installments. How can I do this?

The registration website requires payment of the membership fee in full (or minus any approved subsidy) at the time of checkout. Please contact us at info@girlguides.ca or 1-877-564-6188 for assistance with installment payments.

Note – We are unable to hold space in a group for your child until you speak to a Girl Guides representative and we sort out the payment of your membership fee.

I don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account; is there another way to pay the membership fee online?

The girl registration website can only accept payments for the membership fee by Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Please contact us at info@girlguides.ca or 1-877-564-6188 for assistance with your child’s registration.

Note – We are unable to hold space in a group for your child until you speak to a Girl Guides representative and we sort out the payment of your membership fee.

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