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Fort McMurray Fire – support for our Northern Lights District sisters


As Canadians, friends, neighbours and Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada members, our thoughts are with the thousands of residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, affected by the devastating forest fires engulfing their community.

We know that many Girl Guide members are eager to determine how best to lend a hand. Currently, the situation in the Fort McMurray area is changing rapidly, and residents are focused on the safety of their families and homes. Before members move forward with offering assistance, we will need to wait until the situation has begun to stabilize and assessments can be made by our Guiding friends in the Northern Lights District as to what is most needed. Based on this, the Alberta Provincial Commissioner will share with her fellow Provincial Commissioners how Girl Guide members can best support their Guiding sisters in Fort McMurray.

While it will take some time before the impact of the fires will be fully realized, I know that the efforts of our members will truly make a difference.

Pamela Rice Signature
Chief Commissioner