Keeping Doors Open: Girls, STEM and their Future Careers
Girl-Driven Research

Keeping Doors Open: Girls, STEM & Their Future Careers

When it comes to STEM, we have a long way to go to balance the equation for girls’ and women’s participation. Girls continue to receive messages that STEM isn’t for them and may be closing the door on STEM careers as early as Grade 8. As a result, girls could be limiting their career potential and pathways, particularly as the economy and workplace evolves. And as a society, we could be missing out on generations of future innovators and problem-solvers.

Girl Guides of Canada set out to explore what the pathways to STEM careers and skills look like for girls under 18, and how this relates to girls’ preparedness for the future of work. From the perspective of girls under 18, we’re talking about the process of girls even getting to the STEM pipeline. Based on our research and what girls told us, we saw doors opening and closing for girls along every step of the way.

Read the Keeping Doors Open report to learn more. Plus, check out the tip sheets for steps we can all take to support girls to make informed and empowered choices for their futures.