Historical image: Advocacy has always been an important part of Guiding. We got our start when a bold group of courageous girls stormed a Boy Scout rally demanding to be recognized and included.
Today, we support girls in Guiding as they raise their voices and take action for the causes they care about.
Girl-Driven Research

At Girl Guides of Canada, providing girls and young women with a platform to speak out on the issues that matter to them is at the heart of what we do. Through unique research into the issues impacting girls’ everyday lives – from unrealistic expectations about what it means to be ‘a girl’ to sexism in the classroom and inequities in their summer jobs – we give girls opportunities to share what matters to them and their experiences. These girl-driven insights shine a spotlight on how girls in Canada feel about a range of important topics and the emerging pressures they face today. The results help us advocate for girls and support girls to speak up themselves.

For research inquiries, please contact: advocacy@girlguides.ca