Girl Guides of Canada’s Awards and Recognition

Celebrating member accomplishments and successes is important to Girl Guides of Canada. Both girl and adult members contribute a lot to Guiding in order to create a strong community of sisterhood. There are many ways to honour all members with our exciting awards and recognition program.

GGC National Scholarships

Who can apply: Girl and adult members

Application period: February 15 – March 20, 2022

Description: We recognize the achievements of our members and support them in pursuing their educational goals by offering a variety of scholarships for students looking to take the next step in post-secondary education.  

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Change Maker Award

Who can be nominated: Girl members

Who can nominate: Girl members

Nomination period: February 3 – March 23, 2020

Description: This award celebrates girls who create a better world through community service, friendship and advocacy. Girls can be from any branch and their projects can be local or international, community-based or far-reaching. The award recognizes confidence, resiliency, independence and open-mindedness through the girls’ efforts in making a difference.

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Additional GGC member awards

Who can be nominated: Girl and adult members

Who can nominate: Girl and adult members

Nomination dates: Open year-round

Description: We offer many more member awards at the local, provincial and national levels. These awards recognize both girls and adults for their amazing contributions to Guiding and their communities.  These achievements can be awarded based on a member’s contributions or impact.

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Catalyst Award

Who can be nominated: Adult members

Who can nominate: Girl members

Nomination period: February 3 – March 16, 2020

Description: This is a new award that celebrates adult members who make a difference by supporting girls in being everything they want to be.Nominees should be active catalysts for girl empowerment, wowing girls with exciting ideas or positively impacting other people through their actions.

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High Five

Who can receive a High Five: Adult members

Who can send a High Five: Girl members and families

When can girls send a High Five: Open year-round

Description: The High Five celebrates Guiders who work tirelessly throughout the year to create a space where girls can be everything that they want to be. This simple, but engaging tool allows any girl or family to send a heartfelt thank you.

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Programming awards

Eligible recipients: Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers

Description: A girl in Guiding can earn several awards while she is a Guide, Pathfinder or Ranger. Not only are these awards a great motivation for finishing her program, but they also highlight her ability to set goals, ambition and determination.

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