National Youth Council Fall 2021 Application


Girl Guides of Canada’s National Youth Council plays vital role in helping shape the future of Canadian Guiding and ensuring that girls’ voices are front and centre in everything we do. Council members serve as youth ambassadors for the organization and offer input to the Board of Directors on issues impacting the organization and that are important to girls in Guiding and share valuable insight on the issues impacting Canadian girls. The National Youth Council is a key platform for ensuring girls’ realities are reflected in the programs and opportunities that Girl Guides of Canada offers.

As a member of the National Youth Council, you’ll be doing things like:

  • sharing your creative and innovative ideas about the future of Canadian Guiding and the issues that matter to girls and young women
  • providing a youth voice while advising the Board and its Committees on issues affecting the future direction of GGC
  • providing recommendations to the Board for national-level initiatives which benefit current and/or future girl membership
  • serving as a spokesperson and ambassador for GGC as requested
  • connecting with Provincial Youth Forums across the country

You should apply if you are someone who:

  • is deeply committed to GGC programs, services, and initiatives for girl members and has a demonstrated interest in the issues that affect girls and young women
  • is a passionate believer and promoter of our vision and mission
  • has a diverse life experience to share
  • wants to develop skills in creative thinking, communications, leadership and planning (seeing the bigger picture)
  • is excited about Girl Guides of Canada as a hub of innovation for girls
  • is currently registered as a Ranger

This is a great opportunity to give your resume and post-secondary applications a boost while building your leadership skills.

How to apply:

Complete the Online National Youth Council Application form.

The online application will require you to answer the following three questions. Each question has a max 500-word count.

  • Why you would make a great addition to the National Youth Council. Please speak to your skills and experience from both within Guiding and outside of Guiding. (Remember to look at this posting to understand what the National Youth Council does.)
  • What do you feel are the 2-3 most important issues facing youth today? Explain why you think each issue is important.
  • How do you think the Youth Council could help Girl Guides of Canada respond to these issues?

Please upload your resume to the online application form, and anything else you'd like to add (a piece of relevant creative writing, art or video at the end of the application), or email it to

Alternatively, you may submit your entire application by video.

Application Deadline: Monday, October 22, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.

Review the questions in the application to ensure your video covers the points we are looking for and send your video response to our application to

For more information about GGC, please visit our national website Youth Leadership page.