Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.


The Director-Guiding Experience will champion the delivery of a high quality, dynamic girl and adult member experience across the country and provide leadership through a team of Provincial Commissioners to ensure membership growth and development. She will be "the spokesperson of nation-wide Guiding" to membership in Canada and will champion and engage members on issues of relevance and importance to inspire action to achieve the Vision, Mission and strategic priorities.


As a Director of the Board, she will report to the Chair, and work with the Director of Provincial Operations and the Chief Executive Officer to deliver on her responsibilities.


The Director-Guiding Experience will:

  1. champion Membership growth and development through the enhancement of the quality of the member experience including program and program delivery via nation-wide collaboration and cooperation, ensuring relevant priorities and strategies are identified;
  2. ensure the review and revision of GGC programming assets to maintain relevance, innovation and girl-led as key elements of the member experience commitment described in the Value Proposition; champion the investment of resources required to assure dynamic programming excellence aand major initiatives relevant to both girl and adult members and, motivate provincial Guiding to deliver on the member experience through well-trained and supported adult volunteers;
  3. act as the spokesperson and role model within the organization to motivate and inspire girl and adult members towards action consistent with GGC Values, through a variety of means including:
    1. attendance/spokesperson at provincial/national girl events to inspire actions towards improving the communities and world we live in;
    2. engagements to support Board relations with provinces, either directly or through delegation to other Board Directors or the Director of Provincial Operations, such as (but not limited to):
      1. attendance/spokesperson at provincial annual general meetings and events to provide key messages, including the installation of Provincial Commissioners; and
      2. attendance/spokesperson at Provincial Council meetings to gather information and convey key decisions and messages;
    3. internal Member communications through social media and other methods; and
  4. manage member recognition and awards at the national level;


The Director-Guiding Experience should have expertise and broad experience, as follows:

  1. Consensus building,
  2. Strategic planning and delivery,
  3. Communications strategies, tools and experience

and demonstrate:

  1. Ability to relate to members at all levels of the organization,
  2. An understanding of the scope and breadth of GGC programs and activities,
  3. Ability to speak and present the vision of the Movement publicly in a clear, articulate, credible and motivating way,
  4.  Ability to lead, inspire volunteers and volunteer teams based in widespread geographical locations,
  5.  The ability to facilitate partnerships and collaboration,
  6. A willingness to champion the core values of inclusion and girl engagement.  

Additional Requirements as a Board Director:

  1. Ability to exercise critical, analytical, strategic thinking and decision making skills.
  2. Ability to separate issues of governance from operational issues.
  3. Ability to work with a nation-wide team and maintain a national perspective in consultations.
  4. Strong leadership skills.
  5. Strong communication, listening and interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively via teleconference, email, and social media. 
  6. Strong writing skills.
  7. The ability to see and appreciate issues in the context of the nation-wide picture.

Must be a current member of GGC at time of application.


  • Three (3) years

To apply, please complete this application form: and submit any supporting documents to

Deadline for applications Thursday, September 28, 2017.