An index of commonly-used volunteer resources:


Code of Conduct

The Girl Guides of Canada Code of Conduct affirms our commitment to ensuring that GGC is a fun, safe and respectful space for all. Updated in 2011, this statement of our standards of behaviour extends to our adult and girl Members, parents/guardians, non-member volunteers and employees – in other words, all those who make up the Guiding community. The Code of Conduct reinforces what Guiding is all about – fairness, responsibility, accountability and treating each other with respect in all of our interactions, whether personal or electronic.

Orientation to Guiding

Orientation to Guiding explains the Membership screening process and organizational information about Girl Guides of Canada. When becoming a Member of Girl Guides, you will need to review the information with Orientation to Guiding, and discuss it with your interviewer.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) is committed to inclusion and accessibility for all who participate in its programs and services.

Managing A Unit

So Now You’re A Unit Guider

So Now You’re a Guider is a brief overview of Unit Guider responsibilities and lists resources available on the GGC websites.

Because of the Girl - Tips for New Guiders

Because of the Girl – Tips for New Guiders is an orientation for new Guiders in their role as a Unit leader.

Girl Programs Best Practices

Girl Programs Best Practices is a resource for Unit Guiders to use to plan programming for the Guiding year. These Guidelines are an easy reference that outline what makes a great program and fulfills the Mission of Girl Guides of Canada.


Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) is provided in communities in face-to-face format. Contact your local Guiding office for more information. The overview of TEAM shows the wide variety of training for different roles in GGC. A selection of GGC trainings (including Safe Guide) are available as e-learning. More information about training is available on the training section of Member Zone.

E-learning is a great way to learn in the comfort of your home or library and you don’t have to complete the training module all at once; you can do it over the course of a few days if you wish. To access e-learning you can either acquire a PIN number by contacting your provincial office or pay with your credit card ($5).Follow these instructions for setting up your account.


Safe Guide

Safe Guide is Girl Guides of Canada’s comprehensive risk management program, providing Guiders with a systematic process for planning and implementing safe Guiding activities. Included in this manual is information on supervision ratios, first aid and obtaining parent/guardian permission for conducting meetings and excursions. It is an essential planning tool that you must use in the delivery of your program as it provides the standards and procedures to support safe activities. Safe Guide forms are used to document your plans and obtain acknowledgement or authorization for your activities.

New Members are required to take Safe Guide training within their first 6 months of Membership. Training is provided locally in face to face sessions and is available online. The e-learning version is available through the Learning Library where you can set up an account and complete the training online.

Girl Protection and Self-Harm

It is mandatory to notify the appropriate child protection agency or police when you believe that a child is in need of protection. Girl Guides of Canada has established procedures for Guiders to follow when identifying and dealing with child abuse. These documents outline the procedures for supporting Members on how to respond to suspected child abuse. To report child abuse to GGC, use the Girl Protection forms.

Other Girl Protection Resources

Insurance Booklet

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) maintains insurance policies covering the activities of the organization. This booklet is intended to provide a brief summary of GGC insurance coverage for quick reference purposes.


Guiding Essentials

Guiding Essentials is your ultimate reference document containing information about the structure of Girl Guides of Canada, Membership, awards, programs, finance and administration, public image and cookie sales. Guiding Essentials also contains a valuable glossary of commonly used Guiding terms.


GGC Forms are available for managing various administrative aspects of Guiding including registration of girl and adult Members, insurance, financial reporting, scholarship applications, etc.

Standard Financial Reporting Manual

The Standard Financial Reporting Manual is used by treasurers and unit Guiders and gives step-by-step instructions for complete financial record keeping for Guiding at all levels.

Member Zone

Member Zone is the GGC password-protected website for adult Members. Set up your account using your iMIS (Membership) number and email address.

Marketing & Promotions

Brand Centre

The Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada Brand Centre contains all the tools and resources you will need to create Guiding materials that are inspiring, engaging, professional looking and in keeping with our well established brand. As a Member, you are welcome do download any materials you find in the Assets Library. If you would like a supply of any of the other items found on the site, please contact your Provincial Commissioner.

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