Catalyst Award

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Do you know an adult member who goes above and beyond to empower girls to become everything they want to be? Nominate her for the Catalyst Award.

This award celebrates adult members who empower and inspire girls through their creativity and action. We know how awesome volunteers of Girl Guides of Canada really are – now is your chance to recognize an amazing role model in your life.

Nominate a catalyst

A catalyst is someone who makes a difference by inspiring or supporting girls to be everything they want to be. Only girl members can submit a nomination, but any adult member can be nominated.

Each of the 20 Catalyst Award recipients will receive a recognition package, and their inspiring stories will be shared with the greater Guiding community. In addition, a cash award will be given to the recipients’ units, or towards a unit of the recipients’ choice if they aren’t a Unit Guider. The unit can decide how they want to use the funds.

Here’s a few hints to help get you started:

Who should you nominate?  You might consider a member who…

  • Shares leadership roles with girls and involves them in all aspects of planning, decision making and responsibilities
  • Supports all girls by making them feel welcome, listened to and respected
  • Inspires and encourages girls to get involved in their communities and take action for a better world
  • Challenges girls to go outside their comfort zone and to grow by trying new things
  • Encourages girls to challenge stereotypes and explore their interests

So, now it’s your turn.

Think through the following questions or talk through them with an adult or a friend. This will help you to start naming an adult member who is a catalyst in your life and who you can nominate for this award.

  • What does being a catalyst mean to you?
  • Can you think of an adult member who you think is a catalyst?
  • Why is this person a catalyst?

Nomination period: February 3 to March 16, 2020

Recipients announced: June 2020

Nominate a Catalyst now!

Nomination criteria and award requirements

  • Nominees must be a adult member of Girl Guides of Canada.
  • A member should be nominated for something that they accomplished within the current Guiding year (2019-2020).
  • Only girl members can submit a nomination. Nominations made by an adult will be disqualified. 
  • If you are under 14 years old, please inform your parent or guardian of your nomination.
  • Award recipients will be chosen by a selection committee made up of girl and adult members from across Canada.
  • By submitting a nomination, you permit Girl Guides of Canada in its sole discretion, to use your submission, or excerpts of your submission, along with the nominee’s first name, city province and photo in whatever manner desired, without compensation.
  • All personal information collected will be used in accordance with Girl Guides of Canada’s privacy policy. Submissions may be used for marketing or promotional purposes, Canadian Guider magazine, newsletters, blog posts, media relations and on to help promote Guiding.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I nominate more than one adult member?

A: Yes. You can nominate as many adult members as you like. Each nomination needs to be done through a separate online submission.

Q: Another girl in my unit and I would like to submit a nomination together as a group. Can we do that?

A: Yes, you can submit a nomination as a group. You can say that on the nomination form.

Q: Can Guiders, adult members or parents make nominations?

A: No. Nominations can only be made by girl members. Any nominations made by an adult will be disqualified.

Q: How can a parent help a girl submit a nomination?

A: A parent can help girls by encouraging them to reflect on their Guiding experience and who they might think of as a catalyst for girl empowerment. Girls should ultimately write their nominations themselves, but younger girls may need help with typing and completing their submission. 

Q: I’m having technical difficulties with the nomination form. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact our service provider, SurveyMonkey Apply, if you have any technical difficulties by filling in the Support Request Form. You can access the form after logging into your Survey Monkey Apply account and clicking on the Information (i) icon in the top right corner. If you require additional support, please contact

Q: Can I submit my nomination in French?

A: Yes. A submission can be made in French. You can find the French application by selecting ‘Français’ in the top right corner of the application login page.

Q: How are the recipients of the Catalyst Award selected?

A: A selection committee, made up of both girl and adult members across the country, will review submissions and select recipients based on how well the nominee demonstrates her ability to be a catalyst for girls empowering girls. All nominations will be reviewed anonymously.

Q: How can I be part of the selection committee?

A: Complete this online form before Monday, March 9.  You'll be expected to commit 2-3 hours in total as a member of the committee. You’ll need access to a computer and internet.


Please contact us at:
416-487-5281 ext. 260