Manitoba Volunteer Opportunities

Manitoba Council is accepting applications for the positions listed below. If you are interested in applying for one or more of these positions, please complete the Volunteer Position Application Form.

If you would like more information or have questions about a position, please reach out to DPC Tamara at

Deputy Provincial Commissioner

The Deputy Provincial Commissioner (DPC) holds a leadership position on provincial council. She supports the Provincial Commissioner in the discharge of her duties and takes on specific responsibilities as determined by the provincial leadership team. The DPC is a three-year term. The time requirements for the DPC role varies between five to 10 hours per week, on average.

For more information, and to apply, see the position posting and application form below:

The deadline to apply for this position is Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Provincial Treasurer

The Provincial Treasurer is responsible for the management of Manitoba Council finances, including: budget preparation, review of monthly financial statements, providing support to area and district treasurers and attends meetings with the Provincial Treasurers Committee.

Nominating and Search Committee

Manitoba Council is now accepting applications for the Nominating and Search Committee. When members apply for a position on MB Council or a committee there is a vetting and review process which includes a small panel that interviews the candidates and does reference checks.

Provincial Nomination and Search Committee members must be available to coordinate and/or attend the interview and reference check meetings via Teams or phone, take notes during the meetings, be objective and hold all discussions in confidence.

We are seeking six to nine members to join the team, this includes Pathfinders and Rangers.

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Link Adviser

Staying connected with our Link Members is an important role in MB Guiding. The Link Adviser provides support to Link members, and opportunities to stay connected to Guiding through communications, activities and events.


Are you a guider who would like to learn more about Manitoba Guiding? Do you want to play a role in provincial planning and decision making? Interested in taking on short-term projects that enrich MB Guiding such as helping with events, scholarships or awards? Members bring perspectives and opinions of the girls and guiders to council. Join MB council to share your ideas and be part of the team making Manitoba Guiding the best it can be!

Trefoil Guild Liaison

Keeping our Trefoil Shining! The Trefoil Guild Liaison is an important communication link between the various Guilds within the Province and the National Trefoil Guild, and assists in organizing Guild events. Help ensure the spirit of Guiding remains strong and vibrant!

12/11/2023 3:37:00 AM