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Girl Guides of Canada

Manitoba Council, Grand Pines Area, Lagimodiere Area, Prairie Valley Area and Caddy Lake Camp


213 - 530 Century Street
Winnipeg MB

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Girl Guides of Canada
PO Box 61032 Grant Park
Winnipeg MB R3M 3X8

The area and provincial offices are closed until further notice. If you are a Member, and require access, please contact your Area Commissioner.

Please reach out to staff and volunteers via e-mail. If you have a Manitoba-specific Guiding question and are not sure who to contact, please send a message to and someone will be in touch with you. There is no longer a local number for this office.

For information about registration, refunds or general inquiries please contact or call 1-877-564-6188.

If you are a GGC member and have any questions about your membership or your unit, please contact

If you are having trouble with your Member Zone access, please contact

To contact the Provincial Commissioner, please e-mail

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