Link is a membership activity for young women aged 18 to 30. Link members participate in Guiding in whatever capacity they choose – whether that's by completing Link Program activities, connecting with Link members and meeting other young women who share a passion for Guiding, becoming a Unit Guider, or volunteering in Guiding in another way that fits their busy schedule. Link is a great way for young women to continue their involvement in Guiding that suits their interests, skills and schedule.

Benefits of Link membership

  • Participate in the Link Program
  • Meet, connect and socialize with other young women
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • National and international travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities at the local, provincial or national levels
  • Access to training programs
  • Stay connected to Guiding while you transition through school and career choices
  • Develop skills that are highly valued in the workplace, such as communications, event planning, facilitation and more. For more information on the professional benefits of Guiding, see Guiding on Your Resume.

What is the time commitment?

Whatever amount of time that you can commit, your amount of involvement is up to you! You may want to attend every event/meeting or you may just want to be updated on what is happening in Guiding through email correspondence.

Joining a Link Unit

Link members can join peer groups called Link units. If you know the Link unit you wish to join, email with your name, iMIS ID and the unit you wish to join. Your information will be forwarded to the unit contact person. No separate application form is required.

The registration fee for Link members is $68. If you already pay your membership fees through the district or area (if you have any other position in Guiding, this is likely the case) there are no additional fees to join Link.

Learn more about Link:

  • Contact the Manitoba office:
  • Contact the National Link Liaison:
  • The Link Program

Stay connected to other Link members!

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